999 crew sacked in meal break row

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by slim, Feb 1, 2007.

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  1. I reckon that our paramedics and ambulancemen and women are the tops. However this lot don't seem to be so good.


    Thinking about it though, they have been offered £35 payment for interrupted meal breaks. How about offering the same to fire & Emergency party?
  2. There is probably an EU Working Hours directive somewhere that lays down the time allowance for lunch!

    Offering FEPs cash in lieu of lunch? Not a bad idea, it'll only cost about £1-50 per person! :wink:
  3. Meal breaks is a big issue for ambulance crews at the moment.

    Unlike the water fairies they don't get to sit on their arse and watch porn all day in the station.
  4. Unfortunately the idea of duty and service to the public has long been dead in most of the emergency services who still cling to out dated and strange work practices.

    The Fire Brigade still insist in attending all calls even when they are told by Police or Parammedics on scene they are not required. One a fire engine takes a call you cannot cancel it even if it leaves no cover until they have attended the scene. They also still insist on having their own radio control room behind locked doors in purpose built centres for all three services.

    Like most things in UK in 2007 it is Self Self Self not Duty Service and Responsibility.


    T F I L I S
  5. Nutty I agree whole heartedly on your last point.

  6. So do I mate , theres a few blokes like that where I work , and the thought of them getting £35 for interupting a meal break , well the mind boggles , they would all be having interupted meal breaks , I can see the cash signs in there eyes fully backed by the unions of course , :evil:
  7. Personally I agree with the point (well made) by Nutty. When it comes to saving lives, how could anyone put their lunch first? :???:

  8. Round here they are not given the chance, if they are on their official meal break no messages are relayed to the ambulance station if there is only the meal break crew there. I am quite sure that most if not all would be quite happy to postpone their meal break to deal with a 999 call.
  9. That's the problem isn't it? The public don't know how to use 999. Ambulance crews waste a lot of their time having to attend call outs to people who have 'a pain in their foot' or some idiot smackhead who calls them out on the chance they might be able to blag a shot of morphine. Or the preganant woman who wants a lift into hospital.

    Ambulance crews seem to get very cynical about the public - I know there's other contributers to Rumration who are ambulance crews and they'll probably tell you the same.

    The link posted above takes you to a very good blog written by an EMT, he's also got a book out called 'Blood, Sweat and Tea' which explains very well the working life of ambulance crews and the constraints placed upon them from above. (ie. ORCON).

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