99 per cent of people want this

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Asst_Ed, Feb 25, 2008.

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  1. Says it all, really.
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Shows what a bastard Wright is - how could anyone do this to a child?

    Builder Mike Wright was stunned to learn of his dad’s crimes. Sun:

    Mike, 27 – abandoned at just two years old by his evil dad in Milford Haven, West Wales

    One can understand abandoning children, but in Milford Haven - the man should hand for that, if nothing else.
  3. Feck Me, 94,050 people wand this to come back that's an impressive majority out of the 95,000 Sun readers who gave an answer the Sun was looking for.

    Although that percentage wanes slightly when you weigh it off against the 3,126,866 copies distributed daily (as of Oct '07), it goes down to less than 3%, but lets not fiddle figures here, lets say that only half of the copies distributed are read, the other half are used as shite wipers, takes the percentile to around 6%, hang on, there are more voters than Sun readers, so the Sun got 94,050 favourable answers out of a potential 60,000,000 questionees..........


    Statistics and Lies?
  4. Sensationalised Emotional Twaddle!

    Life should mean life imprisonment at hard labour breaking rocks and mending roads chained up till you pop your clogs! Rain or shine .. hail or snow ..
  5. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Since when does 99% of 'Sun readers' mean the same thing as 99% of 'the people'? :?
  6. The Scum must be losing readers to the wail.
  7. Thats a contradiction in terms .. The Sun and Readers .. its a comic with T*ts FFS!
  8. Sun or Mail the real answer would only be found if the government allowed a referendum, which is most unlikely to happen.
  9. The fact that the Sun seems to be supporting this seems a very good reason to be anti death penalty - or at least anti hanging.

  10. Like the News of the Screws, surely most Sun readers cannot distinguish between paedricians, podiatrists and paedophiles, so how the hell are they going to distinguish between the innocent and guilty, murder and manslaughter, or for that matter someone who died from execution and the black death?
  11. Bring back Crucifiction!NAIL 'EM UP!!!


  12. Hmmm…

    It's certainly got good 'audience appeal'… it's slow, excrutiatingly painfull, takes a good day for the perp to die so you definately get your moneys worth…

    Like it! :thumright:
  13. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    BUT when Callaghan scrapped the death penalty he promised that 'life' would mean 'life'. That hasn't happened and as a result the tarriffs for everything else seem to have been reduced below the threshhold of deterrence, and below what is needed for public safety.

    NB for the 'prison doesn't work' groupies, the recidivist rate reflects the fact that only the very worst cases get sent to chokey anyway; the guidelines to judges and magistrates mean that a custodial sentence has to be very clearly and visibly justified against all sorts of criteria.
  14. Thingy, Maxi, McCloggie,Sgt.Pepper.Daktari, are you saying that Sun and Mail readers shouldn't have an opinion, or be listened to?
    Or shouldn't, because their views differ from those of your chosen, daily newspaper?
  15. Escape from New York was a totally awesome movie/fact.

    Pick a run down City five thousand polish brickies throw up a ginormous wall and lock the trash inside and let them kill each other. CCTV live on Saturday Night and tonights star on the Running Man pgm. Ian Brady complete with zimmer frame on wheels .

    The cancer treatment drugs that could be bought keeping that filth alive!!!!

    I am not a lover of the death penalty the scum should rot inside and be made to earn there keep and more besides. If not send in the dogs!!
  16. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    RR: I do not have a chosen newspaper, apart from 'Navy News' (free subscription to the usual address please, Asst_Ed!). But my point being that:

    a. "The Sun" is not the voice of 'The People' in it's collective meaning, but merely a representation of its typical readership. And we all know who they are... :roll:

    b. "The Sun" is not a newspaper. Yes, it is made of paper and it does have 'news' in it (i.e. if you want know what the celebrities are up to). But it is not a newspaper... :evil:
  17. Just remember it costs a lot of money to keep this lot alive after they have been committed! This money can be used for better uses (build a few frigates with it, we need them FFS) so ANY deterrant to keep other out of jail should be used - life should mean life , about five days should do, then FULL PUBLIC hanging - show it on the news etc. Just remind everybody what happens to naughty boy and girls - banishment from the kingdom would be an alternative punishment, using their own money, Go!! Now!!
  18. Wasn't that wot I said........only with more words......and some numbers?

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