91 Day Early Release Ruling

Discussion in 'Finance & Pensions' started by kerms, Feb 9, 2013.

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  1. Has anyone here used this ruling ? How easy is it to get out using this ,, 91 days prior to your tx date with no penalties to pension or gratuity ??

  2. SJRMRN best bet. However good luck. I got fobbed off. Even used my free 30 minutes with a solicitor. Branch and branch manager dependent. Pretty sure most replies will say the same.
  3. Really ???? I take it you are a diver mate ? And that was you applying to leave 90 days before your 22 was up ?
  4. ..................Read the relevant section of BR3 and see if you are eligible. You may have a problem if you've submitted notice and then wish to apply the 91 day rule, but otherwise it can be fairly straightforward - have you got a Logs Officer you can talk to?
  5. Ive got the ref, read it and Im eligible, no notice as need to qualify for full pension. I was trying to find someone who has got out using the ruling. Just been offered job starting in a week, hopefully its a quick process and I can get out in a matter of days without ruining gratuity/pension. Fingers crossed the mob helps me for once in 24 years !
  6. Im looking into this 91 day early release as well. I have looked at BR3 but cant find any reference to it. Is anybody able to offer advice please?

  7. Safeguard, Froggers has this right. It's Branch/Career Manager dependent, if there's still a need for you, they'll hold onto you.
  8. I got out within 30 days, I had done 27 years. The job offer was made in the Dec, I had to wait for clearances for security reasons. Once i had my start date my notice went in, tx date within a month. Although my career manager and my boss (the LO) were all in the frame from day one. It seemed to go very well and i am now enjoying my new career.Good luck mate.
  9. Again to back up what's been said depends who you are and who/what you know. Few years ago now, I was on good terms with the WO2 in my drafting section, had already handed in my notice during 2OE10 when a job came up. He rushed my request to bail early through and I was on terminal leave working for my company within a couple of weeks. It can be done but you need a lot of luck and goodwill by the powers that be.

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