9/11 vs Bhopal.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Sep 1, 2011.

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  1. Don't know the in's and outs but America has not payed a penny in compo for Bhopal. *******

    How much did BP pay for an oil spill?
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  2. Hard to compare the two incidents:-

    • 9/11 was the death of 3000 God-fearing, predominantly white Christains [sic] struck down by crazed Mooslem terrorists.
    • Bhopal was just the release of a cloud of iso-cyanate from a Dow Chemical factory [there had been a series of warnings for 5 years previously that the plant was in a dangerous condition] over a heavily populated area. Immediate dead were 3800, followed by another 4000 within a few weeks. There were another 5000 or so permanently disabled. The groundwater remains contaminated. Dow and its wholly owned subsidiary [Union Carbide], with the help and connivance of the US Gubbermint, refuse to clean up or assist and will not recognise the jurisdiction of the Indian Courts.
    They were only little brown folk. Simples :thumbup:

  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    In a similar vein, whilst certainly not wishing to cast aspersions, one cannot help but wonder if the Lockerbie atrocity was in any way linked to the USS Vincennes accidentally shooting down an Iranian Airbus five months previously.

  4. Accidentally??? As in not on purpose??

    A civilian A300 on a regular, scheduled flight to Dubai, on ascent from Tehran, squawking Mode III and talking with air-traffic control was mistaken for a F-14 Tomcat descending on an attack vector on an Aegis Class cruiser?

    With the aircraft still in Iranian airspace when it was hit killing 290 passengers?

    With the Vincennes illegally inside Iranian territorial waters when it launched??

    I'm pretty sure that the Iranians were pissed; especially when that dolt Ronnie Raygun pinned a medal on Rogers chest, even after the Skipper of the USS Sides had made clear where the blame lay.

    Pretty smart pinning the blame for Lockerbie on the Libyans though.

    Listen to the Bomb-Beat :thumbup:

  5. Bhopal was caused by errors by Indian staff employed by Union Carbide India. The US was the parent company, but had no involvement in the running of the plant.

    No doubt had the compamy in india been run from the US there would have been whining about imperialism/ no jobs for qualified locals etc.

    Isn't India that country with nuclear missiles/ more carriers than the Uk/ space programme - and gets billions of Foreign Aid from the UK?
    Oh yes and we used to have an empire dontcha know?

    the attack on the WTC was an attack on a global centre of capitalism. Those killed were from all nations, all religions and none. The Pentagon was a US military target. The destination of the fourth aircraft - who can say - most likley a US Governmental high value target - White House or Capitol.
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I used the words 'atrocity' & 'accidentally' to illustrate the hypocrisy.

    I rather think we agree on the subject :-D
  7. Wouldn't be the first time a Western warship had bimbled into Iranian sea space, eh HMS Cardiff, 1987? :)

    We never saw any sign of the Iranian F14s whilst in the Gulf, just their A4 Phantoms. Unless there was a US F14 behind the Airbus transmitting away to confuse the picture, the Vincenes' Gollies should be shot as the two radars are not similar at all.

    Always happy to be educated further by more knowing people.

    We overheard a US warship threaten an aircraft back in 87. To cut a long story short, it was only after the warship warned the target that it was firing warning shots that a voice turned up saying that that contact is flight XYZ on approach to Sharjah (spelling) airport... nice one chaps.
  8. Doesn't alter my comment that it was predominantly White, American, Christians who bought the farm.

    Around 90% of casualties were American citizens. 66 were Brits.

    Around 92% were caucasian.

    Around 94% were Christian.

    The dead of other Abrahamic religions were split almost equally between Jews and Moslems, with Islam having a slight lead if the Al Qaeda (Hamburg chapter) Saudi Arabian trainee pilots association are added to the list.

    RM :thumbup:

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