892 Sea Vixens and 809 Buccaneers Display team

And to add a bit of histrical stuff on the Foxy ladies. A couple who moved out here 5 years ago brought the Dad with them. He was an aicraft mechanic before and during the war, after he worked for De Havaland, Hawker Siddley and others including blackburn.
2 years ago i was going to traffalgar night at the RNA over here and could not find my cufflinks he gave me a pair to keep. he was presented them as he was on the design team for the HS 146, he had also been on the design side for the Mk1 and 2 Vixens. Also he had done consultant work on bucc,s. He knew john Derry who crashed at Farnbourgh in the DH 110. I got him talking a lot about war time things he had some tales such as engine changes on moored sunderlands at bouys and the engines falling in the oggin and telling the boss the thing had gone missing he loverly bloke. Sadly he passed away last year aged 95. His name was Victor Smith RIP. And i still have the cufflinks.
Going back to the Buccaneer, can tell you who the first 2 chockmen were, when the the first landings done on the Vic. Myself and Nick Mills, we were on L/Air Roy 'Benny' Goodman's tractor team. The same 'killick' in that memorable shot of a Scimitar going over the side, again on the Vic.