892 Sea Vixens and 809 Buccaneers Display team

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Nov 22, 2011.

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  1. Nice one Scouse!

    Got "bounced" by 3 Crab Buccs when in the SW approaches ... they came in low and fast l... ower than the bridge of a T42. One across the Bows and the other two crossed over the bridge from opposite sides! Awesome!

    Saw the Red Bull Vixen at Shoreham Air Show a few years back ... Mrs MG was asleep in the car which was part of the MG display when it came over at 100ft... talk about wake up call :-D Set most of the car alarms off in the spectators car park
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    That was an excellent clip of FAA Sea Vixen, Buccaneers & Phantoms - a bit different to our fixed wing aircraft capability today.
  3. The old Vixen did its stuff well, nice clip.
  4. Handler where are you in Norwich?
  5. I'm not now, I did come from Sprowston, now live in Lincs.
  6. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Watch it and weep.

    Sounded like Raymond Baxter doing the commentary.

  7. 1958 Farnborough Airshow ... so probably was! Probably watched it at the tender age of 5 as my Dad wouldn;t miss it for the world!
  8. Scouse remember when we were off Aden on the Vic with the Hermes in 66. Us and Hermes launch all our Cabs and formed a 70 Aircraft formation flypast with the crabfat ones based there that was Awwsome. fred
  9. :laughing2::laughing2: Try 68 MG !!! Buccs and Sea Vixens were not yet on the drawing board then:angel7:

  10. Not strictly true Scouse.

    Sea Vixen - It was thought about in 1946 and the first prototype flew in 1951 so it is entirely possible it flew at Farnborough in 55.

    Buccaneer - Tendered for in early 50's and first flew in 1958. (It was going to be nicknamed the 'Banana jet' due to Blackburn's anachronism of BANA, or Blackburn Advanced Naval Aircraft!!!!

    Tinternet is your friend!!!!!
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  11. Awesome display, remember when we lived in the MQ's at Helston, during Airshow day, my Tot of 8 months was sat in her baby bouncer in the back garden. At the same time a Vulcan flew directly above the house after taking off, height was about 200ft.
    My girl was transfixed and her head followed the flight path, result....one tot lying on her back with the walker wheels spinning in mid air just like the penquins do. (hilarious in retrospect)
  12. :-D Aden flypast. It took place on 17 May 1967 and consisted of 16 Sea Vixens and 12 Buccaneers from VICTORIOUS and HERMES, and 28 Hunters from the RAF Khormaksar Hunter Wing.
  13. Nice one Waspie... still no 809 or 892 in 58 though lol
  14. Scouse as As Micheal Winner says "calm down dear", yes it was 67 not 66. However it was that commision. lol
  15. And to add a bit of histrical stuff on the Foxy ladies. A couple who moved out here 5 years ago brought the Dad with them. He was an aicraft mechanic before and during the war, after he worked for De Havaland, Hawker Siddley and others including blackburn.
    2 years ago i was going to traffalgar night at the RNA over here and could not find my cufflinks he gave me a pair to keep. he was presented them as he was on the design team for the HS 146, he had also been on the design side for the Mk1 and 2 Vixens. Also he had done consultant work on bucc,s. He knew john Derry who crashed at Farnbourgh in the DH 110. I got him talking a lot about war time things he had some tales such as engine changes on moored sunderlands at bouys and the engines falling in the oggin and telling the boss the thing had gone missing he loverly bloke. Sadly he passed away last year aged 95. His name was Victor Smith RIP. And i still have the cufflinks.
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  16. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    The Sea Vixen was derived from the DH110 which was designed to the same RAF Staff Requirement as the Gloster Javelin. It was the DH110 prototype which disintegrated over Farnborough killing John Derry and also some spectators as one of the engines came off and ploughed into the crowd. My next door neighbour was a St John Ambulance volunteer enjoying his free entry to the show. He had to help clear up the bits of people. We got the Vixen and the Crabs got the Javelin.
  17. Only going by the soundtrack on the clip ... unless I was very mistaken the commentator did say Farnbrough '58! But then the ears do play up a bit occasionally so apologise if wrong!

    No ... Just replayed the clip ... commentator ends with "what a splendid display for Farnborough '58" The other clue is its in B&W and by '68 thought we all had colour boxes (stand fast Stan-the-Man).

    Whatever ... still an awe inspiring display!

    Hmm Also had a look on t'internet and seems that particular display was '68 - Apologies Scouse! Think need to change the batteries in my hearing aid and the commentator is a bad speaking [email protected]!
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  18. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Lots of good clips on Pathe. Liked the blurb at the side of this one .. "Army helicopters". Blimey.

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