846 - 1st of the junglie Merlins Handed over...

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by KATWEEZIL, Oct 6, 2014.

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  1. Thought this would be posted by now

  2. First job, carry out the cleaning that hasn't been done since build

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  3. Junglie Merlin has a lot to live up to following in the shadow of the Mighty Wessex MkV and Seaking Mk4's.

    I'm sure once the crab is scrubbed out of them they will be fine.
  4. My daughter flew in one last week her response "dad fcuking awesome"
  5. I like the way she misspells her swear words, that's just being respectful to her parents I suppose

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  6. Great news for CHF that they're finally getting a replacement for the SKs which are well past their shelf life. The scandal about this is the huge cost of the double lot of training that is taking place i.e all the RN/RM SK guys getting trained on Merlin whilst all the fully trained and operational Merlin Sqns are getting trained to fly Chinooks .......
  7. Have we been here before! it never changes
  8. Well, if the RAF were happy to embark in LPH/LPD/QE for sustained deployments and carry out the role of Amphib lift, then they could've avoided it. However, they seemed to want to retain the RAF way of life (fair enough, it's what they joined), hence the roll-over to us!
  9. We now have more RW assets than the AAC and RAF combined.

    This is a win, whichever way you look at it.

    Edited to add: No we haven't, nowhere near. Damn NAAFI queue.
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  10. Really? I'd be interested to see how you calculate that...
  11. I stand corrected, that will teach me to believe a statement by an RAF Group Captain. According to the MAR (active only)

    AAC: 205
    FAA: 159
    RAF: 147
  12. Thanks, thought that teeny-weeny airways would top the league.

    (Ex AAC)
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  13. People tend to forget the AAC, (teeny weeny airways), when thinking of military aircraft.
    They have many FW as well as choppers. Don't know what they use now but in days of yor they had many, Beavers, Otters and such.
  14. That's a slightly disingenuous comment I suggest Alfred given the op tempo in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere of RAF BH in the last decade, not to mention the JHC dimension. Embarked on a safe ship with beer and a proper bed or deployed in the desert sucking up IDF: I suspect many RAF rotary crews would opt for the former and I know many who enjoy ops from ships.

    The transfer of Merlin to the CHF is good news although I temper my enthusiasm until the full 'marinisation' programme has been completed to provide folding blades and tail. No doubt that that's all part of the evil Crustacean master plan for World domination however!

    Just a handful of Defenders now.

    I do wish the AAC would assume responsibility for Land UAS from the RA though. Unfortunately, a combination of a lack of enthusiasm for unmanned assets and Gunner influence/empire protection has prevented this sensible measure. This has certainly been a contributory factor in the H450/Watchkeeper saga and had negative impacts on deployed ISR.

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  15. Sorry, I'll re-phrase. AIR CMD didn't seem overjoyed to commit AIR assets to NAVY FGen process. The individual crews would've embarked no problem. (having seen IV Sqn at sea, they loved it, I'm not sure Wings was quite as happy!)
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  16. The RA getting UAS was a shocker. Seriously.
  17. JHC are responsible for RAF BH commitments not HQ Air, just as they are for CHF.


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