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84 year owd Matelot Grandad


War Hero
Always_a_Civvy said:
15yo Pussers is lovely stuff. I also nearly has a heart attack when I bought a bottle!

I think it's like me expensive but worth it! NO STEVE :lol:


War Hero
I think the Chieftiff's got it right for Grandad's pressie mate. Nauticalia is a tadge expensive, but there's some good tat for ex-matelots. (Think he's just trapped AaC for his trouble, too)


War Hero
For your info chaps, if you know someone who has a Bookers Cash & Carry card, real Pussers rum can be obtained for £18.59 a bottle inc VAT. Usually about £ 23/4 a bottle.
PM me for a back door :wink:


War Hero
stirling said:
I prefer Woods as it is stronger and cheaper but tastes as good as Pussers.

Of all the bog standard off the shelf rum you can buy, I personally think you can't beat Cockspur at 43% proof (Woods is 40%, too sweet for my taste but quite mellow) Cockspur is also very mellow and just sweet enough. The 15 year old Oak aged Pussers is by far the best of the more speciality rums, 47.5% proof too, mind you it should be at the price 8O


War Hero
stirling said:
Correct me if I am wrong but at 57% I would say Woods is the stronger Chief ??
What are you doing to it, adding yeast and sugar then storing it for a while :lol: No you are right, I have just checked, I was looking at a bottle of Lambs :?
Went down to the Nauticalia shop in Lymington, the fella there didn't have any Pussers rum unfortunately due to the fact he didn't have a license, doh!

So I got me Grandad two brass 'tots' each with 'GI 1/2 LL' on the side. He was over the moon with this and after the pub lunch we had a couple of tots and some fruit cake back at his.

Very nice indeed and thanks for letting on about Nauticalia. I have ordered a bottle online for next time I am down on the coast!


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