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82nd Regt Of Foot Service Records.


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I wonder if anyone can help me.I am trying to get the Service records of my G G G Grandfather,George Mullins of the 82nd Regt of Foot.He was based in Colewart Barracks in Gosport in 1841 as a soldier.We have no idea when or why he joined up.Then in the 1851 Census he appears to have been weighed off for some reason and ended up in the Forton Military Prison in Gosport.What for is unknown.10 years later hes a Tailor in S Yorkshire.We have no idea why he left the FOrces or when.I know i can go to KEW to get the records but thats noty an option at present.So if there is anyone that goes there on a regular basis,would it be possible to look up the info on the records for me?Cheers.


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I've got to drive through Kew on my way to somewhere next week and will check this out for you if I can.


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Thats bloody great news,my Old man and Aunt will be well chuffed.Do you need any more info,DOB or such?


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Hi Sol,

To help aid your search, the Muster Books and Pay Lists for the 82nd Regiment of Foot (Prince of Wales’ Volunteers) are held in WO 12 at Kew.
WO 12/8597– 8633 (1760 – 1845) and WO 12/8634 – 8665 (1845 – 1877).

Link: http://yourarchives.nationalarchive...Catalogue's_Subseries_81st_Foot_to_100th_Foot

The 82nd Regiment of Foot (Prince of Wales' Volunteers) was a British infantry regiment raised in 1793. They later formed the 2nd Battalion of the South Lancashire Regiment.
The South Lancashire Regiment (Prince of Wales' Volunteers) was a British infantry regiment comprised of the former 40th Regiment of Foot (raised in 1717) and the 82nd Regiment of Foot (raised in 1793). The regiment served with distinction at Alexandria in 1801 and in the Peninsular campaign and at the Battle of Waterloo. The regiment saw action in the Afghan War of 1842 and the Maratha War of 1843. After serving in the Crimean War it was present at the relief of Lucknow, took part in the New Zealand War of 1860 until 1865, and in the South African War was attached to the Ladysmith relief force, the 1st battalion being engaged in the fighting for the Tugela Heights.
During the Great War the regiment had attached to it a number of territorial and service battalions. The 1st battalion was in Mesopotamia in 1916, and distinguished itself in the battles for Kut. The 2nd battalion went to France in 1914 and participated in all the major battles of that year, and also at Loos in 1915. Among the regiment's services generally were the stand of the 5th in the German gas attack of May 1915; the 6th (Territorial) at Gallipoli in 1915, and the 7th and 8th were on the Somme and Ancre in 1916; the tragedy of the 11th battalion which went to France in 1915 and fought continuously until the end of the war with only six of the original men who went over surviving.

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