823 Squadron 1936 to 1938

Hello !

I am new to this forum, I do lot of research on a Cranwell Officer G/C John Raymond Jeudwine DSO OBE DFC.
John was on 823 Squadron from 1935 to january 1939 , on HMS Glorious .
He ended as F/Lt and was OC B Flight in august 1938 with 823 squadron.
Does someone on this forum could have the record of the Squadron as I would like to know more about his time on Glorious, with who he flew, serial of aircrafts, and what flight he made .
Thank you to help !
I live too far from UK to consult these reports by myself, being in the middle of the Pacific !

With all the sun from French Polynesia !

PS: you can contact me at: alain-charpentierATlive.fr

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