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As we've been discussing submarines...whilst on Hermes in 1978 returning from Westlant deployment one of our cabs called a 'pan' as he was returning with an engine over torque caption. Not that unusual but potentially catastrophic, as the cause was due to fouling the sonar body and cable around the after section of HMS Churchill! This occurred within seconds of lowering the body and was widely quoted as a million to one shot. Quite an accolade for an anti-submarine helicopter squadron.

Needless to say, the cable was cut pronto for fear of being dragged down. If anyone can remember more of the incident please carry on.


Soz G! Absolutely no intention of blackcatting you.I was doing my stint in 814's office with our infamous gammy-legged StaffO ex-MAA S/Lt Brown(later to be a convicted drug runner!) A cartoon was hastily penned for the evening's Tiger Rag which I had the misfortune to type,Gestetnerize and disitribute. The cartoon also became available as a 6x4 b&w from the Photshop firm scrantime swindle.

Later J

StaffO name Edited on Mon 13th Nov.

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