80's kids tele.............

How many of these do you remember? :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

• The Adventure Game
• The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers
• Art Attack
• Bananaman
• The Beachcombers
• Bertha
• Blockbusters
• Blue Peter
• The Book Tower
• Bozo the Clown
• Bravestarr
• Button Moon
• Captain Caveman
• Captain Kangaroo
• Care Bears
• The Chronicles of Narnia
• Count Duckula
• Crackerjack
• Danger Mouse
• Degrassi High
• Degrassi Junior High
• Doctor Snuggles
• Dogtanian & the Three Muskethounds
• Dungeons & Dragons
• Educating Marmalade
• The Famous Five
• Finger Mouse
• Fraggle Rock
• Going Live!
• Grange Hill
• Hanna Barbera Cartoons
• Heckle & Jeckle
* He-man
• Inspector Gadget
• Jackanory
• Jem & The Holograms
• The Jetsons
• Jigsaw
• Jim'll Fix It
• Kids of Degrassi Street
• King Rollo
• Knight Rider
• The Littlest Hobo
• Look & Read
• M.A.S.K
• Metal Mickey
• Monkey
• Mr Merlin
• The Moomins
• Multi-Coloured Swap Shop
• Muppet Babies

• No. 73
• Noozles
• cant think of any!!!!
• Pee Wee's Playhouse
• Pinwheel
• Play Away
• Play School
• Postman Pat
• cant think of any!!!
• The Raggy Dolls
• Rainbow Brite
• Razzamatazz
• Rentaghost
• Romper Room
• Saturday Superstore
• Screen Test
• Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13¾
• Sesame Street
• She-Ra
• Simon Townsend's Wonder World
• The Smurfs
• The Snowman
• The Sooty Show
• Strawberry Shortcake
• The Storyteller
• Supergran
• Super Mario Brothers
• Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
• Terrahawks
• ThunderCats
• Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends
• Transformers
• The Tripods
• Tucker's Luck
• :shock:
• mind blank for v!!!
• Why Don't You?
• The Wind in the Willows
• The Wonder Years
• Worzel Gummidge
• Worzel Gummidge Down Under
• Your Mother Wouldn't Like It
• Zoobilee Zoo
• Zoom


War Hero
You should get down to your local pub and do a bit of Kareoke or something Brazen .You really must be bored stiff with your fella .


You forgot "Cosmo & Dibs" , my 2 daughters were bairns in the 80s & one of the puppets was meant to be a Geordie , even the accent was good , better than that tosser on big brother [not that I watch the shite mind , flicking channels],


War Hero
You forgot Tiswas.

Sally James must have influenced me in my early years. :smile:

Oh yeah, and Will O' The Wisp. Voiced by one of them Gays off the Carry On films. Kenneth Williams?
NZ_Bootneck said:
Ferkin hell Brazen, no offence (you know something offensive is coming) but, get a life. :lol:
i know i know - the things you talk about when sat with mates eh??
started as one of those name a kids tv show beginning with A - ho hum!!!! :oops:


War Hero
Shakey said:
You forgot Tiswas.

Sally James must have influenced me in my early years. :smile:

Oh yeah, and Will O' The Wisp. Voiced by one of them Gays off the Carry On films. Kenneth Williams?
MMMMmmmm Sally James.


Shows missed:

Camberwick Green
The Clangers
Hong Kong Phooie

Sure I'll think of some more.........


War Hero
NZ_Bootneck said:
Shakey said:
You forgot Tiswas.

Sally James must have influenced me in my early years. :smile:

Oh yeah, and Will O' The Wisp. Voiced by one of them Gays off the Carry On films. Kenneth Williams?
MMMMmmmm Sally James.
Help needed 70s kids show(American) furry ferkers running around had a segment called Oh Oh Jungle, this is driving me nuts.
TattooDog said:
What about Mini-Pops?

Nothing dodgy about that show at all was there? Produced by Mr P D O'File.
Didn't he move to the states and start these kiddy Miss America pageants?? :???:


War Hero
greenking said:
What about

Banana Splitz (?)
Mr Benn
Pipkins (Hartley the Hare - classic)

Thank you Gk, show was absolute madness/bollix but "Oh, Oh Jungle. " is one of my sayings along with "It wasn't me." and "She/he started it." :mrgreen:
Big Thanks again
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