809 Squadron


Are there any current serving members on here?

I think this is where I'd like to end up. I have my selection interview next week and if asked I'd like to speak about this a little more.

I believe 809 are currently based at Marham, but from what I can see online you may also be aboard Hms Queen Elizabeth in the states.

Can anyone tell me some more? Even future roles or drafts?



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Indeed, I don't think 809 stands up until 2022 when they'll be based at RAF Marham...which is in the middle of nowhere.

However, all F-35 sqns will be Jointly manned and will take their turns embarked so it should make no difference if you go to 617 or 809 Sqn. Meanwhile, 207 Sqn stands up soon as the OCU and 17 Sqn will remain in the US at Edwards AFB for the foreseeable future as the F-35B Test and Evaluation Sqn.