Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Jimmy_Green, Jul 13, 2009.

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  1. "Defence chiefs are considering scrapping a battalion following the successful campaign by the Daily Express and actress Joanna Lumley for veterans to get the right to live here."


    Is this the defence chiefs themselves considering chopping the gerkhins, or Gordo the Broon getting his own back for being forced into a u-turn over Gurkha veterans' rights of residence, and telling them to?

    Personally I think it's the latter because I believe that Brown is just that nasty and spiteful enough to do it.
  2. We are currently facing a protracted war in Afhganistan. Elements of the Taliban native to the borders with Pakistan (A nuclear Power) are already destabilising the Government there. The Ghurkas know the region, are native to that part of the world and have considerable expertise. Above all they can be trusted and relied upon. What we need to axe is Mr (our troops have everything they need)Brown. Combined with the lowest ranking defence minister ever to fill this supposedly high office Ainsworth.
  3. When Gogs goes down, he wants to make sure all go with him INCLUDING the COUNTRY

    Jack McH
  4. I realy do think that statemrnt is a load bollocks .He may be doing a lot wrong but to say he would take the country down is crap
  5. I think calling that view b**locks is a bit harsh as yer man Broon has shown flashes of scorched earth mentality. Remember that he still has initiatives underway with our Constitution (written or not!) and further reform of the Lords. That will leave time bombs ticking for years.
  6. 800 Ghurka' is a hell of a lot of pension £££££'s the Brown man can save the economy.

    IMHO, Brown is the most dangerous PM we have ever had. I agree with the ticking time bomb theory.
  7. Didnt know 800 had any Ghurka's? I know they had a load of quiche eating jumper tukka's but no Ghurka's!!!
  8. I must admit that my take on this is that this is the payback for Joanna after her success in blooding the PMs and the Minister of Defences nose over the Gurkhas. Theyy as much said they would do something at the time. It really just shows how petty and spiteful they all are.
  9. No one should be surprised.

    Many voices (for, against and neutral) have been quietly pointing out amidst the emotional din that if the Gurkhas are given equal pensions, pay etc then they will end up being priced out of the market. Add that to the shrinking budget some people will be saying "why do we bother with them at all when we can just keep / bolster some UK regiments".

    I'm not saying I necessarily agree with that, but its a bloody good hook for Gordon to hang his coat on.

    Once again the chickens from incoherent unclear thinking are coming home to roost. Had the Gurkhas been reasonably and fairly granted privileged consideration when asking to settle here in the first place (by settling I mean residency, which is a prerequesite for requesting citizenship but does not necessarily lead to citizenship if you don't ask for it) they would have probably quite happily soldiered on with their reduced pay and pensions. All those £££ would still be like winning the lottery in Nepal and for many simply having the option to come to the UK for healthcare and for their children to have British passports would be enough. Not everyone wants to up sticks and come and live in a foreign country, especially when they can live like millionaires in their own.

    But we all know what actually happened... they confusedly, cackhandedly half arsed everything. First they priced the Gurkhas out of the market by giving them equal pay and pensions to fobb off the Gurkhas who were actually asking for PROPER consideration when asking for a visa for permanent residency. When you ask for a UK residency visa (which means you can use the NHS, get a job, send your kids to school and come and go as you please but DOES NOT automatically mean you get citizenship) which hinges on links to the Uk, one of the sub links is Crown Service. For a long time it seems the berks in the home office seemed to think that being a Gurkha in the British army did not qualify as Crown Service.

    So what they got instead of what they asked for was a toffee flavoured time bomb. A poisoned chalice etc Those with foresight might have seen the cockup mounting from this point onwards.

    Fast forward a few years: Joanna takes up the cause and starts making the government answer to why Gurkhas are still sitting at the back of the queue when it comes to asking for permission to settle here in the UK and after much kicking and screaming and a very emotional response on the UK publics part the Gurkhas end up getting a SPECIAL RIGHT to settle in the UK (not something I'm necessarily opposed to, but it doesn't do any favours for the Nepalese government's willingness to let Gurkha recruitment continue) as well as the same pay and pensions.

    And here we are now.

    All this could have been headed off a decade ago if some Visa application rubber stampers were passed a memo telling them where the Gurkha applicant sits in the scheme of things compared to everyone else who applies for a settlement visa.
  10. Thank you for a very well made and presented argument. I never really grasped how the new arrangements align with the Tripartite Agreement. Presumably it has been properly negotiated with Nepal and India? It surely can’t be yet another part thought through Government initiative.
  11. Well, experience would suggest...

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