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800, 800 Wherefore art thou 800?


War Hero
Anybody else find it a bit disquieting that the only official annoucement of 800 NAS standing up at Cott is a single line mention buried in an article about the Typhoon entering service with 3(F) sqn?

I know there are better things for 800 to be doing right now and that Easter leave is coming up and that the MoD press office would stuggle to cope with writing two stories in a day, but there's not even a mention on the RN site FFS!


Lantern Swinger
We are not having easter leave! the programme dictates otherwise!
even when 800 disbanded we had to badger navy news just for them to do a small article on such a historic event


War Hero
Who's the genius i/c of that then?! You would have thought that given the furore over the demise of SHAR (we all know the PPrune and other threads here) that their MoDships would be singing from the rooftops. Particularly as (I assume) it's tied in with Aquila 06.
MoD PR is a joke. What do they DO all day in Main Building other than dine out with tabloid journalists in Gordon's Wine Bar on public money? There's rarely any news on the MOD website, the RN's even worse, and Navy News is (to our shame, unlike the excellent "Soldier") a propaganda sheet for whichever Admiral wants photos of himself cycling for "charidee" this month.

800 NAS standing up should have been a fantastic moment - and all I've seen was a "Goodbye SHAR" signal pinned up on a noticeboard. Well done, MoD PR types, have some more gin and - ooooh look - Trevor Kavanagh's available for elevenses next Thursday.

Mind you, don't FAA squadrons have PROs? Normally a junior AEO, the Pusser or Freddie, isn't it? What are they up to?


Lantern Swinger
The 800 website is about to change I may be taking responsibility for it got to weigh up the pros and cons of running said website! ie who can we drop in the 5hit! and what rumuors can we legally get away with on it!!! etc


War Hero
1000lb_freefall said:
They haven't even got an 800 page on the Cottesmore web site, it's still 3 Sqn! But then again, the crabs are in denial up here!

I bet the crabs are in denial right up to the point the word 6 month deployment on Her Majesties Pussers War Canoe heaves into sight, living in 1 Bravo with 20 other hairy a**ed matelots. What no 5 star hotels!! Flight Sergeant I wish to complain. Or am I being just getting synical in my old age. :D


Lantern Swinger
It's not only the Harrier boys who are threaders onboard. Having had a JHC Corporal working for me on the LPH I will never forget his face after he came back from his accomodation (2 deck Fwd).

"You must be joking, I had better accomodation in Basra!"

Welcome to the RN my spoilt and pampered friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lantern Swinger
The formation of 3(F) Sqn marks the beginning of the transition of the Royal Air Force to a more agile, capable, flexible and adaptable expeditionary force, better equipped to meet the demands that are likely to be placed on it in the future.

Agile, capable, flexible *and* adaptable. It seems someone has found their KS3 standard thesaurus.

Is it possible to have an MOD article written and presented in a way that won't make GCSE students wince?


War Hero
it was funny when they arrived on Hermes down south complete we with tin hats, laugh we couldn't stop.
They even managed to put a crab harrier in the catwalk, i mean all that runway & the **** misses it, what are aviators doing these days :)


Lantern Swinger
sorry mate, but I couldn't resist it.

You should feel honoured a B13 wanted anything off a tiff!!!!

Pay2000 love it.................... :D


Lantern Swinger
...Been a month now - still no sign of a webpage for 800 Squadron, Surely they must have some news. What gives?


War Hero
If Flynavy is i/c (see earlier post), I suspect the poor sod is aboard our one operational war canoe, somewhere East of Suez.....and a bit too busy for a website.
Hey, guys, don't knock RN PR - it's the best in the military. Every time you see a SAR programme, guess what? It's an RN eggbeater. Every time someone in the media wants to show the warts and all, it's the RN that stars [Ark Royal, et al]. Be thankful.

But I agree that the re-formation of 800 into the JFH was badly handled.

However, anyone would think that 800 was the only example of RN/RAF joint Sqn. Remember 360/361? 25% RN ISTR...


Lantern Swinger

yes i am still here in fact just got off the ship this morning and am waiting for a flight home. but i have the website in hand and as i own the site should be appearing soon.

just had a great month doing op aquila have got some great photos that ui will post when i get home.


get in there fella.
the reason the Navy has its pics in everything is because we have the best (with a few exceptions) PHOTS!!!!


War Hero
It's now four months since 800NAS stood up and yet there is still no sign of them on the RN website, which frankly is nothing short of scandalous. THis is no reflection on flynavy, who is in no way responsible for the official MoD site and who will have been somewhat busy in any case. Someone somewhere in RN PA organisation should have this on his to do list!

Believe it or not, there is still an entry for 801NAS active on the RN site, but for all intents and purposes you'd think the RN was ashamed of it's current f/w capability.
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