8 week fitness programme problems

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ship_rat, Apr 24, 2007.

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  1. hi all
    I have just started the 8 week fitness programme and have started runing into problems, the problem is that I can't always do the training on the right days. especaily if i have to work late ie I come home at 20:00hrs(8pm) (I get up at 06:00hrs)
    for example :- day 2- go swiming for 20 -30 mins using all strokes, for me day 2 is a tuesday and the swimming pool isn't open to the public on a tuesady but is open on monday, tuesday and wednesday.
    no big problem i thought I will just re-arrange the days.
    The other problem I have is that I dive most weekends, one of 2 reasons
    1) I am on a course at the moment and 2)I enjoy it. :D
    as you can see the problem I find is that you can do the training programme and dive it's just to nackering!

    can abody help? I want to get this right!
    is it alright to change the days? the swiming is not the only activitiy that I have this problem with, circuit training is on day 6 in the book and at the gym it is run on a wednesday! I want to keep my rest days as they are important for the body to recover!

    any suggestions, would be helpfull!

    from ship rat
  2. i work all the hours god sends, finish up in 2 weeks time, just before i go to basic, so i'm in the same boat,just do what you can, write it down, charting your best effort like it shows you, it is an outline to be followed mate, not the frigging gospel!!
  3. Hi ship rat

    In my 3 or so yrs as a fitness instructor, the main reason (excuse) I get from people are the same as your's, although in you're case, I know its not just an excuse.

    Your main priority (after work commitments etc) should be to do as much of the programme (preferebly all) as you can, even if it takes you longer than 8 weeks.
    You should'nt have a problem rearanging the days, as long as you do what is required whenever you can.

    -bit of a broad question this. If you can tell me exactly what you are training for, I may be able to help you further
  4. Furthermore; the most important point to consider, is that all fitness is SPECIFIC. (concentrate on training for exactly what is required of you).

    You have four choices when wanting to improve your fitness levels.

    1. You can increase the amount of frequency when exercising.

    2. You can increase the amount of intensity when exercising (note that this can be employed into your normal day to day activitys too).

    3. You can increase the amount of time you spend exercising (which can also easily be incorporated into your usual lifestyle).

    4. You can change the type of activity you perform (to better suit what is required of you).

    -hope that helps
  5. it is the 8 week fitness programme that is givern to you at your entry to royal naval service brief usually 10-8 weeks before you join basic training it is to give you a base level of fitness when you join and for the gym gods (PTI's).

    about 6 weeks ago was happily training many for the navy but also for my master scuba diver qualification.
    going on my own training programe monday and friday swimming tuesday and thursday running (unless i was dive training) saturday a game of squash/mud run sunday rest, unless i was diving at stoney cove or horsea. then I had tonsilitus, then an ear infection and then 2 weeks of a sinus infection! so i was not able to train (it was just to painfull!)
    I now have 7 weeks left, with the fitness book (CP123) to complete and genraly feelin sore, as last week I came home late twice and had to rearrange fitness session, and did not get a lot of time to rest.

    sorry I am feeling I bit down! :(


    PS the fitness programme is many sessions on monday,tuesday, thursday, friday and saturday, rest wednesday and sunday. the training for the first 3 weeks is mainly running, swimming and circuits.
  6. ship_rat - what are you joining up as?

    If you're joining as a CD (a guess as you've mentioned diving a couple of times) or as a bootneck then I would suggest that its in your best interests to stick to the programme.

    For any other job, best efforts I think would be enough (unless walking to your local makes you out of breath!).

    However, I've been outside a while now - so there may now be other direct entry jobs that require exceptional fitness levels prior to joining..?
  7. :lol: I wish I had the balls, but I was in the queue for tits!
    I I'm 25yrs old and joining as an AET. I wanted to join as a CD , but you need balls for it.
    I think the currrent fitness test are on the RN website, I think the swim test is 40m and 3 mins treading water, the run 2.4km in under 13mins 50 sec. (age dependent) 19 press ups (female for me) and not to sure on the sit ups then there is the shuttle run (this is the bit I am dreding)

  9. hi
    No I am a PADI diver but do dive with BSAC divers. The swim test isn't a problem for me, as part of the open water course you have to swim 250m's and tread water for 10 mins, I would think it is a bit different with coverals on but I not to worried about that, it is the rest of the tests!
  10. Treading water in overalls will not be a problem for you (its easier than the OWD test), you are even allowed to swim about a bit (as long as you don't obstruct anyone else by doing so) instead of treading water.

    And I don't think the rest of the fitness will be either. I have recently helped my girlfriend pass the Police selection fitness test and we did little more than go running 3 times a week for 40 minutes and some resistence stuff in the gym. Its v close the RNFT (as I remember it) apart from the swimming stuff!

    You'll be fine...
  13. Is this no longer current then:


    Not that I'm expecting the RN website to be up to date, just a bit of a shock!
  14. No, but then I only read the latest DIN this last week.

    The process started in '05 and completed recently.

    Ships don't routinely have CDs embarked, anything more in terms of detail is in the DINs
  15. hi
    DIN's? just out of curiosity.
  16. I have a question regarding nutrition what are you supposed to eat and how many calories as the booklet is rubbishrubbish as I find it hard to recover. I am on an 18 moth waiting list to go in as a AH.
  17. It depends on who you are and what you are doing.
  18. Just eat good food and enough of it - no need for protein supplements or anything like that.
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  19. If you're concerned about running the best thing to do is practice running a mile and a half so you learn what pace you should be at. If you've got access it's exactly 6 laps of an athletics track. People can fail the run but are hardly out of breath because they've held too much back

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