8 million tenents at risk under tories plan

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Hitback, Jan 26, 2010.

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  1. I have just read the following article. If what it's stating is true then we can expect an increase in crime (due to hardship) and homelessness. The Tories sold off council housing many years ago and failed to build new ones. They sold of armed forces housing for a pittance to a private company in-which several people have become very rich...!

    I have requested my MP to confirm these aligations and the housing direction in which the Tories are going. Please do the same by asking your MP about this matter.


  2. What is the source of the article?
  3. Looks like the hotel I stayed in Orlando!!
  4. Yes it is true, the Tories will throw all the poor people onto the street and build a mansion for the local MP instead. :roll:

    That was not an article, it was a poorly written propaganda piece, poverty has increased under labour, violent crime and antisocial behaviour has increased under labour, family breakdown has increased under labour, the housing market has become a shambles under labour. Ghetto-isation of low income immigrant communities has become common practice under labour and the school system which could be used to let people escape has also become a disaster under, you guessed it, labour.

    I will take no lectures on poverty and it's ills from this disgrace of a government!
  5. I'd imagine either the Labour Party or Liberal Democrats. Also I was only a child in the 1980's but didn't Thatcher come up with the whole scheme that let people buy council flats so that the working-middle class could afford houses something my generation can only dream of?

    Edited to ask if Mr Hitback has any interests that should be declared?
  6. A thread about poor people, yuck.
  7. I will never vote for the conservatives after the thatcher era.
  10. What makes me laugh is the fact that everyone seems to hate Thatcher and yet she managed to be elected three times and turned Britain from being the economic 'sickman of Europe' to the second largest after the Germans. Frankly I'd rather a clone of her than any of the three current leaders then we could put the Post Office and London Underground unions to the sword.
  11. And I'll never vote Labour, because I remember what it was like before Thatcher, and since.
  13. You didn't tell us where you got your party promotional material from...

    Where did you find your supposed article?
  14. Hitback
    It may have been the Conservatives who sold the council houses off to the tenants, thus giving those who in normal circumstances the opportunity to actually own the house that they lived in, however it was the Labour party who virtually gave away whole estates of married quarters to a private company. This company has made a fortune from this, perhaps if the Labour party had sold the houses to serving and ex serving personnel they would be more highly thought of by the military.
    After the sale of councill houses, councils had a lot of money in the bank, unfortunately the Conservatives would not allow them to spend this on new housing.
    WHY did successive Labour governments which followed not instruct councills to use this money for house building?
  15. Good God: Why is it so important to know where I got this article? Read it and if you wish to ask your MP about its factual status write to them. I am awaiting my MP to reply to my emails, once I have her reply I will share it with you.

  16. Well having been lucky enough to have grown up with the British economy under the all seeing eye of Mr Brown, who apparantly managed to single handedly put an end to boom and bust, I've not had to experience a rapid unsustainable growth in the markets followed by a crashing reces...
  17. No matter anyones views or beliefs on any subject it is always important to quote the sources of an article which you either show wholely or quote from so that it's context and reliability can be taken into account.
  18. What Military estates are you talking about and what is the name of the owners now?

    All military property in England and Wales was sold to Annington Homes. Military housing in Northern Ireland and Scotland was / is owned by Defence Estates. MQ property in NI was sold to private companies, I followed this up on my first campaign and requested that the rules under the old DCI be used. Service personnel and families get the property at discounted rates. But told due to security that was not an option. I know of no other housing estates?
  19. That is the article- there is nothing else to share with you about it... Sorry.
  20. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator


    Sticking my Moderators hat on, I have considered whether or not to lock this thread on the grounds that the article is not sourced, and appears to be party political material.

    So that posters can have a debate about the article fairly, I would like you to tell us where you got the document from, which magazine it is published in, or whether it was pushed through your door by a local politican.

    If (as I strongly suspect it is) a party political document, then I will move this thread out of CA on the grounds that it is not actually current affairs, or necessarily true, but it is instead "electioneering BS" and I will put it somewhere more appropriate.

    If you can't (or won't) provide the source document then I will lock this thread as this forum deals in current affairs, and posting election material propaganda (by any party mind you) isn't current affairs.
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