7th June 2010

Has it become official Mong Day?

I know we're celebrating Armed Forces day soon but has today become Mong Day?
I'm just off for some serious dental treatment so will be ready to play with this shower later on.

Must be National Mong Day as you say tommo.


It is quite spooky. I like 2DD's theory of a sting trying to out all the angry people on RR. Failing that, it may just be Zoidberg out recruiting...
Ahh beaten to it!

I was literally in the process of writing a thread about this.

From this day forward, the 7th of June 2010 shall officially be known as Mong Monday.
All people wishing to be considered for medals and laboons should forward their address to me via PM. I will endeavour to make the correct 'awards'
`kin-ell just a few days off site on a business trip, and i miss out on a great
Mong baiting couple of days :angryfire: Damm ! Damm !Damm !

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