771NAS Rescue busy again


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Having read the article it sounded really rough out there with waves crashing over her etc etc, almost the start to a cockpit article (RN flight safety mag). Watching the video is a different story, there are bigger waves in my fish pond.
Well done 771.
Guess the silly season is starting earlier this year.

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The waves on the BBC News Spotlight show did show a considerable swell and almost drenched one of the RNLI inshore boats
The video from the Wails was taken from a distance and wasn't the one used on Spotlight news. However still a sterling service by 771.
771 do it again, BZ guys.

If anyone wants a 'feel' for SAR work read Dave Peels book 'On the Wire' his experiences of over 40 years as a SAR Diver/SAR Paramedic.

(And for Scouse - next stop Jay O'Donnels Rescue 194!!!)

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