771 NAS Rescue Fishermen off Coast of Scilly Isles

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by trelawney126, Mar 11, 2011.

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  1. Aside from the acronym RNAS and the rank of Lt Cdr anyone unfamiliar with RN SAR would probably presume that the helo was either Coastguard or RAF - disappointing (and don't think I am starting a p1ssing competition, it just rankles that RN achivements so often get mistaken for Army or RAF due to sloppy journalism. I'm with Admiral Soar on this one! Rant over
  2. Ive heard it was Willy Wales, doing a bit of exchange time!!!
  3. Did spot a Crab Air SAR seaking (Bright Yellow) flying over St Austell today. Unusual as St Mawgan has ceased military flying. Mind you if you are passing St Austell its always better to fly over it
  4. Why do the crabs have yellow SAR helo's?

    Answer - So the pilot can find it on the line.
  5. Pretty amazing how quick the SAR get away once the tannoy's gone off..
  6. 15 minute response time but usually beat that. Once took off with only one of the two engines fully wound up, that was sub 10 minutes by a good margin. (Forgot the bacon butties on that launch though).:hungry:
  7. Dont want to black cat you Doug .... did a 4 min one on the Wasp!!!! good old one engine:happy5:
  8. NOZZERS! Managed a Two minute response, but then we were already wound up for Saturday test flight. :blackeye:
  9. Scouse, I always said single engine was safer. I worked on the premise Why do they fit two engines to flying machines?

    Because they didn't trust one!!!

    Wasps rule the skies!!! Just look at the alert time for the good ole Wasp, 2 minutes! Lynx = 5, No idea about SK's, never embarked with them for serious work so never did alert time.

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