771 NAS - Ace of Clubs

Why does 771 have an Ace of Clubs on their cabs? Can't find much reference to the history of it via Google and the RN page just states that it does, just not the reason.

I believe that way back in the day several squadrons had Ace of Clubs, Ace of Diamonds, etc.. and only 771 still maintains that (perhpas the other squadrons have been disbanded). That's what I was told when I was there (I asked), and if you check out the RNHF pages http://www.royalnavyhistoricflight.org.uk/home.htm , pictures of their Sea Hawk (806 NAS - Ace of Diamonds) tends to bear that story out! Also, 771 tend to make quite a big deal out of it as their squadron identifier so it's higher profile.

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