70th Anniversary of Dunkirk

We must thank the RN and the little vessels that brought our lads including my two grandads off the beaches and remember those who didn't make it back.
A time, too, to recall Admiral Sir Bertram Home Ramsay; who was responsible for the Dunkirk evacuation, codenamed Operation Dynamo. Working from the underground tunnels beneath Dover Castle, he and his staff worked for nine days straight to rescue troops trapped in France.

Besides co-ordinating that epic rescue he was later appointed Naval Commander in Chief of the Allied Naval Expeditionary Force for the Operation Overlord Normandy invasion.



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13,000-word (I counted each one individually...) feature on Dunkirk in the June Navy News. Out now. :wink:

Or cheapskates can wait for the free digital version which goes online next week...

The official Admiralty history, BR1736, is surprisingly good, incredibly detailed, and at times, even human.


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Good effort, Dickie. Have just read this month's NN and the feature was very comprehensive and educational (leave the money in an envelope under the doormat...) :thumbleft:


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I was keen to get away from the 'Dunkirk spirit' tosh because it's a propaganda fabrication. The documents and contemporary accounts show that for sailors and soldiers it was exhausting and hellish but that training, the desire to help comrades, and dogged determination won the day, not some newspaper tubthumping.

Anyway, part 2, featuring the monumental balls-up that was St Valéry, the highly-successful Operation Aerial, and the loss of the Lancastria, appears in our July edition.

After that I can have a break until I grapple with Taranto. :lol:

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