70% of AET trainees fail

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by jonno_0002, Oct 21, 2007.

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  1. I have recently passed out of Raleigh and will tomorrow will be going on to Sultan to become an AET trainee. I have heard though a million times over in Raleigh that 70% of AET's either drop out or fail. This appears to be quite a daunting figure, and im wondering if anybody can give me a heads up on how much truth there is behind this. Another question is, if this figure is correct and i was to fail, would submarines be the only other option (again stated in rumours around Raleigh)?

  2. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Jonno, my experience tells me that figure is utter bollox, perhaps 70% of the people who walk into the careers office wanting to be an AET don't end up as an AET (maybe!) Who told you this interesting but nonsense statistic?
  3. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    64% of all statistics are made up... :wink:
  4. I think you'll find that's 37.5% ;)
  5. I have a solution why not have 2 streams of AE entering, one call a mechanic, possibly less gifted academically, however with plenty of technological ability and a lot to offer the armed forces.
    The second called say artificer who is more academically gifted (yes probably with less common dog) who is put through a more academic training and is more quickly promoted. Additionally they possess the skill of hand basics to perform sheetmetal repairs.
    The new system caters for a "grey" all of equal ability system which will be proved to be flawed, it will overstretch the less academically able (and disillusion the talented mechanic) it also offers little incentive for the academically gifted ratings to join up in the first place. However a few promotions would of have occurred on the back of such a system.
  6. Bollocks, it's only 10%.

    Damn sceptics!

  7. Right again Chiefftiff.

    AET has one of the highest RT score requirements in the RN, and also seems to be one of the most popular branches of choice in the RN for potential recruits. Goods news for us then, maybe we can get the cream of the crop in our branch?
  8. Work hard, keep your head down and don't become a statistic. Easy.
  9. Unfortunately the Petty Officer's ETs course is a very academically demanding course. Its the old Tifs course. Therefore in about 7 yrs time when the powers that be have realised that they have very little Senior Rate ETs left, they will realise that good god maybe lets have a Senior Rate ET who doesnt do the PO ETs course but we will call him a mechanic, hmmmm. Or fundamentally change the POs course so it no longer awards the FD Eng, i.e. make it easier.
    Many fine mechanics can do a tifs job, but do not have the patience or werewithall to sit in a classroom for 18 months. I can see in my department already, I'd say out of the 15 ETs/LETs, only 3 will make the grade to Senior Rate.
  10. I'm sad to say you could well be right fella. Lots of very good LAET's out there too, who would make great senior rates. But due to the changes in the branch they would have to complete a course which for some is just beyond their capability, so either won't be selected or won't pass the course. I feel quite strongly about this and it is my opinion that the RN has let these people down by discontinuing the mechanic stream whilst they are still serving.
  11. If you struggle on AET course, you will struggle on the submarine course. Do not think of it as an easy option.
  12. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Hmmm. I'll counter that, if I may. I started out as a mechanic, went Mechanician, did the 'tiffs' course and now am doing fairly well, thank you very much. Many of my former contemporaries back in the old mechanic stream regale me with such waffle about, 'could have been a tifff ... if I'd have wanted to' crap. I took it because my source branch mechanic stream was ata a complete standstill promotion-wise, and it meant two and a hlaf years in Sultan consolidating my experience for a fairly fast track route to more cash. All I had to do was sit in classrooms, hoist in some facts and lists and remember them during a three hour period. It aint ******* rocket science. I even learned to cheat, do some seriously good exam techniques, make stuff and basically bullshit my way through the things put before me. It must have worked because they have kept ******* promoting me ever since. In seriousness, it's all there if you want it and can be arsed, but this mechanics = tiffs bollocks hauled up from the past is utter arsewipe. Now the time to put the money where the mouth is is here. The common streaming is now of the now and nothing will turn it back, not with the shape of the ME, WE and Ae technology facing us in modern warfare. We either shape up, or fall behind and to me, as a person who has designed future ET courseware, it is the only way firstly to make sure we have decent skills in future and secondly to get your skill appreciated outside. There will never be a reversion back to the two stream system, so forget it, guys.

  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Yup, Guilty as charged, a very fair observation Levers.

    Many of us would wish we had the option or the ability & determination to apply ourselves, but prefer to make out we chose not to.

    I would concur with Chieftiff's observations with regard AET phase 2 pass/fail rates as he is by far the best placed to advise.

    Polto's observations with regard submariner training are 100% qualified & accurate also.

    If you fail to pass AET training, it is more likely to be Discharged Unsuitable During Training (DUDT) with a caveat attached, stating you may not re-apply to rejoin the service in any trade for a set period (usually 12 months upward).

    The answer? If you want to be an AET then it isn't given to you on a plate- you have to work hard. If you don't apply yourself, you're likely to become unemployed.

    I rather suspect that someone somewhere is trying to motivate the AET's but is being somewhat misleading with regards statistics that are rubbish & suggesting Submariner is a terrible punishment! The problem is that some people fail to be able to discern the words "motivation" & "threat". Submariner is an excellent job if that's what you want to do, so threatening to "condemn someone to the deep" is misguided bull I'm afraid.

    The absolute bottom line is:

    The Recruiting Test has remained largely unchanged since 1943. It gives an excellent indication as to whether someone possesses the intellectual ability to successfully pass trade training in each individual specialisation. What we cannot fully & objectively assess is whether the individual has the maturity to apply their known ability. Only you can fail in other words.

    Good luck, hope you pass!
  14. I think the fear of someone telling me that if I do not apply myself enough I will become one of the 70% of AET's who fail would motivate me to succeed.

    Just reading this thread has.
  15. Levers your point is...... I am also an ex mechanic who went across to the dark side, outscored every single 'real' tiff on my course and completed the course with maximum advancement, but I so easily couldve have stayed as a POWEM. All I am saying is a few years down the line there will not be enough ET Senior Rates due to the Select,Train,Promote policy. You havent given a viable solution, but just dredged the old tiff/mechanic shit up again.
    Not to worry, in a few years time there will be a generic engineer, whats the point in training someone to FDENG level for them just to be a SCC panel watcher. No more boring winging stokers winging about all their watchkeeping, cant wait, ;)
  16. im goin in as aet, hope i pass :p all ive got is 10 gcses
  17. Sex Panther Aftershave: 60% of the time it works everytime.
  18. Obviously didn't get a GCSE in English then, Toast?
  19. If I can add my bit - look, I had all this out with the Branch Manager when AEBD was first proposed. I argued the case for having both AEM and AEA streams and was told to shut up. "The average Maths NAMET score for LAEM's is 3:3, therefore they will be able the cope with POAET course" was his answer. Eh? Run that by me again? 3:3 isn't even a GSCE pass, and they're expecting these guys to do H-level Maths? Just look at whats happening where I work; there are POAETs failing C of C's, LAET's failing POAET course, and AET's who don't even know that the Topic 5B1 is the Flight Servicing Manual!!!! On the last CPOAET course (consisting entirely of experienced CPOAEA's, not POAET's as was originally envisaged), only 3 out of 8 candidates passed - Christ knows how your average POAET who's been in for 4-5 years will cope.

    If the AET Branch is getting the cream of the crop, God help GS and SM!
  20. And that’s a lot less pension to pay for those who do 22 yrs.


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