7 Months time.


Well ive been come to the final decision that i'm going to join the Royal Marines in 7 months time when i leave school, I'm training at the moment for the PRMC.

I'm doing...

- A 4 and a quater mile run in 34 mins every night apart from tuesdays and fridays (Marine cadet night when we do allot of PT anyways.)

- over arm pull ups every now and again. I can do 3 so far.

- I can do around 45 push ups in a min.

- 50 sit ups in a min

My question is... Will 7 months be enought time to improve my over all fitness ready for the PRMC ?

Also any advice on training methods ? any tips for training from anyone who has passed or been to the PRMC ?

Oh and i know this isnt a fitness question but it saves making another topic, What are the academic test like ? are they hard ?

Thanks to anyone who can offer me any advice :thumright:


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