7 and 8 cancelled Type 45

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by nuts_mcauliff, Jun 20, 2008.

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  1. bbc news

  2. Well, to be honest, I don't think any of us will be surprised either. Yes the six may provide a "formidable capability" but they can't be everywhere at once (working with the two on ops; two in refit; and two otherwise unavailable programme (as seen with the other thread)).
    Shame really but there we are. If only they stopped paying out for stupid and pointless (and in many cases multiple cases of) government expenditure (as shown below by BP1UK) we could have a decent Fleet, Army and Air Force worthy of the extent of our current operations but we know that that's not going to happen (yet).

    Edited for clarity and over-simplification
  3. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    An old trick learned from Harold Wilson who, when he cancelled CVA01 (presuambly on the orders of his Soviet masters) announced that the RN would get 8 x Type 81 destroyers so everybody would be happy. Result, Bristol, and the other seven never happened (but it was an inadequate design annyway as it had no helicopter).
  4. Even business’s who have dealings with the MOD / Government concerning the ordering and building of new ships have learned to read between the lines. When the government orders eight ships think six, when they order two CVS read one (maybe).
  5. Why do we always have "stop paying out benefits" as the solution to all our problems.

    You should look at your local council and the money that is wasted on silly stupid things multiply that by the number of councils in the country and we could build many a boat.

    Back in the old town I once counted six sign posts in a row in one road I would say that would be with labour about a thousand quid.

    Woman on the till dozen bottles of top wine informing the checkout girl showing documents Council business. What happened to the cup of tea time! And drink driving!

    We only have to look at that pathetic millenium dome project the money wasted on that. If it had been built up North it would not have lasted three months. Yet bliar and his pathetic shower pumped more and more money because it was in London.

    When did you last see a gully sucker doing the rounds. Amount of rain we are experiencing I would say that was a priority job.

    I have often wondered why Mrs Blogs can be granted a chair lift but Mrs Smith with the same problem not!!!

    Remember there are many an ex service person out there living on benefits being interviewed by teenage type prats to see if they qualify.

    If you have ever experienced a terminal cancer patient trying to claim benefits!!!!!

    Mind that tawt who they have just released should get the benefit of a one way ticket to shiteland. At thirty thousand feet!!

    Ok I am off to climb a mountain!!!
  6. Your luck we actually got six!

    MoD had been trying to flog hulls 5 & 6 to the Saudis

  7. Seaweed, best laugh I have had all week thanks and could it possibly be that the 81's were cancelled because they were an inadequate design?
  8. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    So supposing (I know the time scale is wrong but bear with me) that we get to 2020 and have 2 CVF's and 6 types 45's in service, what else will be in the surface fleet?
  9. Lots of little Coastal vessels pottering around within the 12mile limit.
  10. Okay I maybe generalised the situation for a [potential] solution a little too much... will amend forthwith to something a little less, well, simple.
  11. End SNIP

    What is meant really is paying benefits, to those who scam, and those found who do it should be investigated down to the Doctor that signed elegibility too

    Getting benefits for a genuine person , is very difficult, yet many who are not entitled seem to be just given it

    The genuine Brit, is refused and just go away sulking,
    The others use threats , (or play the racist card another threat) so it is easier just to grant it For a quiet life and continued employment

    Mrs Achmed was giving me hell,(twenty minutes of how was she going to pay for nappies and her kids would starve now) as her payment on Thursday was £1.60 less than normal, her first phone call for a year,
    I happened to state to her, you were not so quick on the phone to query why you got an extra £900 last Thursday Mrs Achmed

    I have just come off suspension without pay, and compulsive re education lessons by HMGuberment, non promotion for at least eighteen months, Plus no pay rise when it happens this year

    I then entered the Guberment spiral, that on 02-Jan-08 I sent an email and entered the date as 02-Jan-07 and I would be disciplined

    I paid someone 60p too much on 17 feb-08 and I would be disciplined
    then suspension and investigation, for speaking my thoughts to Mrs Achmed

    Yes I made mistakes, unforgivable Two days after typing 07 ninetytimes a day for 365 days I typed 07 instead of 08 on a form jan 02 first day back,

    I do not know how £62.10p became £62.70p must concentrate on my writing

    And Mrs Achmed FU IMHO it was reasonable to ask why you did not question £900 extra one week but complaind about £1.60p short the next

    Oh well I feel better for that SORRY But it is true
    If you are genuine it is difficult to get benefits

    Jack McH
  12. The reality is that we cocked up with T45 anyway. The original concept was for 12 units and a budget of £1billion. What we got was 6 units still for £1billion with less weapons than an Arleigh Burke, a small gun that doesn't work and a electrics generation system that can only just meet the needs of the Radars.

    Meanwhile the Dutch, Japanese and Spanish have built ship just as capable for less.
  13. Any news on any possible frigate replacement?
    Have they agreed a number of hulls or anything like that?

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