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7/7 bombers 'used charity cash'


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How much did CiN give to Christian education one might ask? Also, is an education project within the remit people had in mind when they donated? Food and clothes and maybe the setting up of play facilities in deprived areas I could understand .. What sort of audit is there on CiN's funds? One of the CiN comments reported seems to be of the head-in-the-sand variety.


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Seaweed said:
What sort of audit is there on CiN's funds?

It's not so much audit on their funds, but how much governance they themselves have in place to assure that the money being asked for is going to be used in an appropriate way, and is then spent in the way bid for after it's been given to them. This goes hand in glove with the regular carping about how much charities cost to run; pay peanuts and you won't get the rigour needed to make sure the spend is tracked properly.

As ever the report just raises a lot of quesitons for me. Was the £20k given based on an open ended request or was it costed to actually deliver something? What was the total budget for the operation of the organisation and where else did that funding come from. Did the funding share happen at the time the money was granted, so would it have been part of any due diligence process which may. or may not, have been carried out.

I also note that they're going to investigate, but any investigation depends on the records being present, accurate and in enough depth to be able to work out what happened. I'm unconvinced that they can do much about it now anyway.

I agree that these kind of things shouldn't happen, but it does.
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