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As previously posted, my son wants to go into the RN after his A Levels and is looking to get 6th Form Sponsorship and is in regular contact with the careers office.

As I understand it, he has to go through the AIB process but will there be any allowance for the fact that he wouldn't be actually joining for another 2 years ? Are there set numbers that receive this sponsorship or do everyone whose good enough get it? Finally, when would he be likely to be called to an AIB?


Im currently being sponsored through 6th form, having passed AIB in September. The board will be identical to those who are not going for sponsorship, however the pass mark needed to gain sponsorship is higher than what is needed to join as a direct entrant.

There is a set number as to how many get it (i have no idea what that is), and as such not everyone that passes gets the money!

I passed my Sift Interview in March/April of 2008, and recieved a date in July to go down in September. This was of course before the recession and as such there maybe a longer wait, however the AIB will be working to a deadline as to when they have to have all sponsorship applications from AFCO's because there is a deadline by which all potential scholars have to be assesed in order for the decision to be made.


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Thanks for replying.

Could I ask when you applied for sponsorship? Are you currently in the Upper Sixth or Lower Sixth (yes I know that makes me sound very old!)

The only reason I ask is that this is something that we've been looking into for a while and although my son has been in regular contact with his Liaison Officer, we've not been told about deadlines etc.

You mentioned that not everyone who passes gets the money but do everyone who passes become eligible to go to Dartmouth after their A Levels?

I also am being sponsered, I took my AIB in November of Lower Sixth and I think, but am not totally sure, that you can gain direct entrance without recieving the scholarship.
I expressed my intrest in the scholarships right at the start, i cant really remember to be honest when that was probably when i was in year 11, i am now in year 13 (upper 6th in old money) and as i said didnt even get to AIB until the begining of this academic year, although i suspect thats more to do with my AFCO as opposed to the system as a whole.

My understanding is that your AIB pass lasts for a year, even if your score is not high enough to get a scholarship (but still high enough to give you a 'general' pass), leave 6th form and you pass is still valid in time for september entrance then i believe you maybe considered. Im sure somebody will soon set me straight if i am wrong!

The final decision regarding these things i believe is taken in December, as such all aplicants need to be seen before then. In order to do this all paper work etc has to be completed by AFCO's and sent to AIB in time for boards to be arranged, applicants to be informed and all the checks and clearences to be carried out. I'm not sure exactly when this is but the AFCO staff should be able to inform you if you have a realistic chance of being considered for this year (year 12), or if you will have to wait until your final year (13 or upper 6th).

All of this is just my interpretation from what i have seen, if anybody thinks or knows differently then im sure they will set me straight on this!


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Thanks very much for reply.......especially at this time of the academic year.

Sounds as if my son will have to make some phonecalls soon to get some definitive answers and perhaps to push things along. We haven't really made an issue of it yet as I wanted him to get his GCSEs out of the way first as I didn't want him disillusioned should he fail at his AIB (plus I wanted him studying for the GSCEs and not the AIB!)

Hope things go well for you and you get the grades you need.


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Abit of a development that has us confused!

My lad has now apparently been awarded a place on the RN Special Flying Scheme but everything we can find on the old internet suggests that he had to apply for it and undergo appitude tests etc at RAF Cranwell......which he hasn't done!

So is it likely that the offer of a place is an error or is the information on the internet out of date?

Baring in mind that this is course is a fortnight in length, it is bound to be more in depth than the aquaintance course he went on in January so what is the course's purposes?

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