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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by tau112, Apr 9, 2014.

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  1. I'm applying for a sixth form scholarship into the Navy and I know that I need to apply through the entire recruitment process to get one. But there is one thing that hasn't really been explained on that when we have got is that I need to spend time in the Holidays with the Royal Navy. Spending time in the holidays isn't the problem, I would really like to know what would I do? I asked my AFCO and they said that I would spend time with the Navy and learn more about life within service. But that doesn't really explain a lot. So the question is what would I be doing? Also on a smaller note I also made a slight mistake on my forms, I misread Country for County and now have Devon as my country of birth, shall I just cross it out and replace it with the UK? Or ask for a new form?
    Thank You for reading this all advice and information is greatly appreciated.
  2. I was an Army Scholar way back in the day, and they sent me on various Adventurous Training things - sailing in Gosport springs to mind. Things have probably changed but my experience was that they wanted scholars to have 'fun' attachments. The same was true during my university sponsored days - two week camps to Germany including a week of AT in Bavaria.
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    The Army possibly has a larger Scholarship scheme with a dedicated staff to arrange the "jollies" for scholars & bursars. For RN scholars, you're more likely to do an acquaint course in your chosen branch & as a bursar, you'll be expected to attend a local URNU, possibly spending week "deployed" on a P2000 during the Easter or Summer break.
  4. Welcome, tau112.

    There is a newspaper which you can buy each month at W H Smith's called Navy News; it's worth getting to help you build up your knowledge of the RN.

    Which Officer role interests you most?
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  6. Which is in itself an improvement from when I was a scholar in the 1990s, when the sum total of contact with the RN was my AIB. Pre AIB and indeed recruitment process was a meeting with a retired commander who came to my school, gave me a 3 page leaflet and a photocopy of the Radio Times listings for the date and time HMS Brilliant was on, then wrote a letter in fountain pen to FOTR saying I was a nice chap and he thought I'd do. I certainly never had to go near an AFCO.

    In't progress brilliant?
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  7. This sounds alright, I guess the URNU is a weekly thing?
    Thank you soleil for the welcome. I am interested in joining the warfare branch, possibly submariner. Thanks for the advice on Navy News will definitely look into it.
    Thanks I will also download this regularly and read it.
    Thank you all for replying this advice and information is really helpful.
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    The URNU is specifically geared around the student & you'll undertake weekly 2 hour drill nights during term times, have the opportunity to go to sea at weekends & for several days over Easter/Summer breaks.

    More detail here; URNU | Royal Navy
  9. Unfortunately not in Huntingdon branch! However in Peterborough I cover the crab times with a copy of the dockyard dandy

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