6th Form Scholarships

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by admiralscruff, Jun 30, 2011.

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  1. I'm considering applying for a 6th form scholarship, and went to the AFCO today to find out more about it. I was talking about it with my mum, who insisted that I shouldn't, because it's supposed to help people from disadvantaged backgrounds, and that she doesn't need the extra cash, so I shouldn't bother and let someone else have it.

    Now, admittedly, she hasn't any evidence for this, but I'd like to find out for sure. So, my question is: Is the 6th form scholarship more about helping those from a disadvanted background, or taking whoever is best suited, regardless of background?
  2. It was designed to pay for your school fees in the VIth Form. I got it, and being a Comprehensive boy, spent it on beer and chips.
  3. I'm a comprehensive boy as well, but because I would never have been eligible for EMA, I am a tad concerned that if I get one, someone who needs teh money more will miss out
  4. is this a bite?

    If not, frankly they're just as welcome to apply for it as you are. The RN is an equal opportunities employer, we don't care about your background.

    If it is a bite, good show!
  5. AS

    Candidates who apply for a 6th form scholarship have to pass the AIB, so it's not about who has the least money. If it were, there would be no need for candidates to do the AIB, they could just be chosen by post.
  6. right, thanks guys. I've told my mum all that, and it seems I should be alright to apply in September
  7. AS

    When do you start in the 6th form?
  8. Year 11 in September, so in September 2012. The recruiter said the start of Year 11 would be best to apply, if I was still interested, old enough to have a chance of success, but finished the application, for good or bad, before the chaos of final exams
  9. That sounds very sensible.
  10. Quite a long time since the previous post but ah well...

    I am applying for the Sixth Form scholarship for my second year (A2) (I didn't apply for AS as i was too late!) and the person at the AFCO said they give them out based on grades not background!
  11. I received mine from 1984-86 and my parents received the princely sum of £75 per year - I'd be fascinated to know what it is know.

    My view than, and I still feel as such now, is that it was a gesture from the RN to encourage someone who, after passing AIB, they wanted to hang on to. Yes the money helped a bit, but I would still have joined anyway. Yes, I was at a Comprehensive school too.
  12. Basically if you succeed in getting it after applying you receive £1050.00 each year for your A-Levels. However I think you may have to re-apply for the second year (not sure). Also, I am going to try and apply for a bursary for uni which is £1500.00 each year for up to three years and is given out based on your A-Level grades. But I've talked to a few people and apparently the bursaries are extremely hard to get.
  13. you don't have to reapply for the 2nd year, but you do if you want to carry on with a Uni scholarship. With that, the return on service also increases, although I don't know how much by.

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