Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by higthepig, Aug 4, 2008.

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  1. Members, 9 online, 8 threads of Newbies, FFS can we get this site back on track?

    Get rid of the Gash barge, or bring it to the front page, and lets get some fukcing banter going, or are you all PC and Pink and Fluffy?
  2. Hig you have had a right one on you today. As a newbie myself (preparing to be shot down in flames for that comment) all I have seen you do is completely ruin every newbie comment that has been on offer today. Personally I have found it quite amusing, but the best bit is that you complain about newbies' dumb questions; we all know that without daft questions, you'd be struggling for anything to do on this forum!
  3. Agreed Hig, think it's dying a death mate. No whoring, fighting, news from the front or general snagginess threads for ages now. Seems to have turned into a Q and A for new joiners since last summer. Although as everyone always says when this is brought up, "start a decent thread then".
    Personally think Rum Ration may be past it's use by date. Hope I'm wrong.
  4. Listen up arsehole, if there were no daft questions, this site could get back to what it was, you are the people that ask them, why don`t you consider that, before spouting off, jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez you won`t like me when i get angry, so don`t push it.
  5. Haha, I don't think I have ever encountered you in a happy frame of mind, for which I must accept at least some responsibility, I suppose. Perhaps instead of petitioning to get the Gash Barge moved up to the front page, you should try to have the Newbies forum abolished?? Don't get angry, it's only a suggestion...
  6. There may well be a lot of sense in what you say, log on to Newbies and all go into a private room, OMG why didn`t i think of that.
  7. Well if it makes you feel better, you can claim that idea as your own and do with it what you wish. I can then rest easy, safe in the knowledge that I have gone some way to keeping you even just a little bit happy, for a short while.
  8. Ouch, that hurt!!!!
    Sorry to take up so much time but where else can us "newbies" go for such honest, no bulls**t advice?
    This forum is fantastic and has been of great use to me so far......
    As for the banter, bring it on. I know f**k all about anything that you guys talk about and getting it in the neck is the best way to learn.
    Kind regards to you all.
    :thumright: :thumright: :thumright:
  9. If you dont like it go sulk in the playground!!!!!!!!!
  10. Shut up and sit in the corner!
  11. You can't say that-- its bullying babe!!
  12. No no, its character building!
    Which is why there is no character in the forces any more, because character building isn't allowed!
  13. If you dont like the newbies and there questions, the send them here:


    That way, we can all just sit round and take the piss out of each other, instead of people who dont know enough to understand what we are saying most of the time.

    ( I know that includes you, HTP, but you can stay here if you like.)
  14. Why on earth would we send anyone to THAT Mickey Mouse website?
  15. At no point did I say I don't like it when Hig starts ruining Newbies. In fact, I explicitly said that it generally makes me laugh, so rather than sending me to "sulk in the playground", you might want to get yourself back to English class and learn how to read things properly
  16. I thought my suggestion spoke for itself, but perhaps just cos their MODs dont slag off other forums.
  17. Which way is the corner?
    Is it at the pointy end or the blunt end?
  18. Pete-n, young man, I`m begining to like you, I may well take you under my wing, as i feel that you have the makings of a First Class Shithead.
  19. Call THAT slagging off?
    Ahh bless :D
  20. Seriously amateur biter.

    "Like being worried by a dead sheep"

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