Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Dec 17, 2008.

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  1. How many cables did a carrier get through on a typical deployment?
  2. hackle

    hackle Badgeman Moderator

  3. Nice to see she couldnt opperate without a Submariner running the show :dwarf:
  4. 67/68 3,941 catapult launches.
  5. 800 SQDN. Noticed that S/LT Thompson was the observer of Buccaneer 100 at launch. Think their was a Middshipman pilot on the squadron??? anyone out their remember. Might have been the youngest crew ever in peace time. I stand corrected :salut:
  6. Can't remember any middy ocifers on 800 Scouse. But there again ociffers and REMs live their lives a little differntly :w00t:
  7. Scouse,

    Great videos - thanks for posting. My first ship was the Theseus so could fully appreciate the WAFU's job . One false move on that flight deck at flying stations and you were brown bread that's for sure. All the best for Chrimbo wings.

    Red Sailor
  8. :whew: Think he might had stayed with 809/736 and not got drafted :thumright:
  9. Remember the Theseus well. Was up the creek at Pompey for all of my 12 yrs in the navy??? twisted keel??? What was she flying off in your days Red Sailor? ps happy christmas from your honorary wafu submariner :thumright: :salut:
  10. No, we didn't have any Mid pilots on the squadron then. I don't think any Mid pilots flew front-line; the training took two and a half years, and by then any Mid would have been given his first stripe. Observer's training was shorter, so there were a few of them.

    Arrester wires. The centre span used to be replaced if it became stranded, or after 10 (I think) arrests. If that happened during a land-on the cable was simply cut and laid out to the side, to be changed as soon as the ship turned out of wind. As the rest of the cable (miles of it...) stretched slightly with use, progressively shorter centre spans were used to compensate. Eventually, perhaps once or twice a commission, the whole length of the cable had to be replaced in harbour. A very messy job it was, too.
  11. Scouse,

    Theseus was in the Home Fleet Training Squadron when I first joined her and she was flying on and off practically everything from Gannets to Sea Venoms on a regular basis.

    She was then converted first into a troopship and then rapidly to a helicopter carrier for Operation Musketeer where we were in company with Ocean landing 45 Commando at Suez with an assortment of Whirlwind and Sycamore choppers. That being the first helicopter borne troop insertion from the sea I believe. Albion, Eagle and Bulwark flew the sorties against Egyptian targets.

    After the enforced ceasefire I experienced my first runashore in Malta to the infamous Gut with Brummies Bar, The Gippo Queen and the Four Aces being the regular haunts as my first introduction to the demon drink. Happy days in a progressively mispent youth as I recall lol.

    Red Sailor
  12. This is interesting. I am currently compiling a history of RN Air Traffic Control, which of course includes controlling at sea... CCA etc. Can anyone help with stories or photos?

    I have a few first-hand accounts already (Eagle/Victorius/Ark) but always glad to receive more... likewise on Air Stations - especially pre-75 (when I started in this game)

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