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Montigny_La_Palisse said:
You can c0ck off as well, the golly will return after judgement day. I hadn't realised Delron was so popular the little get.
Shut it you mongloid!!! I dont wish to see Avatars of your sister getting pwned by getting pooped on!!!

No! You're going to hear about it, until you bring him back. :cry:[/quote]

lets all hope that they don't find a way to bring her back
Good Golly
Miss Molly
Sure like a ball
Good golly
Miss Goody,
sure licked some balls.
When you're rockin' and a rollin'
can't hear your momma call.
From the early early mornin'
till they early put out
her effing lights
You can see Miss Goody snuffit
at the house of red lights

[ Ancient Mesopotamian Love poem ]
And another thread consigned to the gash barge for no reason. I posted this in SITE ISSUES. It says I have 65532 new private messages, that to me is a SITE ISSUE.

Fcukin sort it out MODS.


War Hero
Monty, The mods cant do anything unless you check each and every message. There's a chance that there might be at least one genuine message in there.

Please check them all......... :twisted:

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