617 squadron F35s

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, May 27, 2013.

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  1. Say it isn't So???? First to form will be 17 sqn (OCU), then 617sqn (first frontline) followed by 800NAS (second frontline). :neutral: :angel8:
  2. Good pic of a Tornado overflying the old RNAS Lossiemouth.
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  4. Why's everyone so pessimistic about JSF? It's going to go the same way as JFH. I'm sure we'll get them.
  5. There's no doubt that the F35A will be coming to the UK, it's the F35B that's in doubt, it's continual rising costs & technical problems are overshadowing it's future both in America & here.

    The X47-B is looking a better long term bet for both them & us.
  6. It's happening, Marham is already paving the way for our arrival. As for teething problems and rising costs, you're clearly not familiar with the rollout of new military hardware.

    Hahahahahahhahahhaahhaahahaaaa!!!! Ok.
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  8. We already have pilots flying it, engineers maintaining it, drafty standing up billets and bods on courses agogo.
  9. Yes I fully accept that but history does repeat itself, remember the TSR2 & more recently the RAF Nimrod tanker fiasco's, the current batch of politicians of all colours don't want the carriers & have tried twice to cancel the deal, given any chance they will sell them off & cancel/exchange the F35B for the F35A.

    I wouldn't like to see it happen but it's a serious probable.
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  10. The difference between TSR2 and the F35 is that the TSR2 didn't get anywhere near as close to completion and production as the F35. It also failed in it's design. Your suggestion of the X47 is laughable in itself, if you think the F35 is expensive, you haven't seen the price tag on that. Even at this developmental stage the cost for one X47 have already pushed through 900 million dollars. Never mind 2 IS250's for the price of an F-type, you can have 4 'expensive' F35B's for the price of one X47 at it's current rate. If you take into account further costs and the associated fit required to take that on, expect that to double. It's an absolute no go.
  11. Like mine? :)
  12. Like yours. See you at Marham Popeye!
  13. You reckon you'll be there like?
  14. Chances are high.
  15. so where and when are you F35 nozzers, getting the flight deck training in?????? With all its associated quirks and dangers???
  16. In the US. There are also plenty of people still in that have worked a deck, its not like it was 20 years ago that the harriers went.
  17. Dunno. Saw a picture on the navy Facebook page of someone already completing the course on a US carrier.
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  18. Yeah read that article, pity the pic shown is of a helo launch, which is no big deal.

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