6'11 Submariner?

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Spry, Feb 18, 2008.

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  1. My dear old dad was a Submariner, though he's only 6'2.

    However i surpassed that at the age of 12, and i know stand tall at 6'11, though thankfully according to the doctors and specialists im not going to grow anymore.

    basically, i just need a little reassurance. Anyone here know any tall submariners? Is it as easy / hard as some people make out?

    Thanks :)
  2. Lofty Harper on the VALIANT first commission was about 6 foot 7 IIRC - there was a big splash in the MIRROR about how they extended his bunk so he didn't half to sleep bent in half.
  3. Like all things in life, if it was easy would it be worth doing? Watch your head on the hatch.
  4. I visited the 38 year old HMS Superb and that no place for anyone who likes a tiny bit if space especially no poor tall bugger!
  5. A friend of mine was a 6'7" submariner. IIRC he could fit inside, buy had trouble with bunks, as he would on any ship/boat.

    I am 6'4" and had real trouble on a Type 42 over a six month deployment, but the 23s are much better and 45s will be even better. I visited a bomber once and was impressed with how much headroom there was, and depressed when I went back onboard my 42!

    You could do it, but I would seriously also consider a branch within the Fleet Air Arm as hangers and flight decks have lots of head room! This is important as you will be spending most of your time onboard working.
  6. I have come across a few tall submariners in my time Stretch Buller being one. The problem you will find on the health side of it, is with your posture,
    as you will have to stoop down onboard :violent1: in a lot of places. You will find that you will probably end up with a permanent stoop as a result.
  7. Would have to agree, life onboard is not comfortable at the best of times at six foot tall.I would say think really carefully about it, the bunks are only six foot long afterall!
  8. Or why not just catch some sun on the big ships!
  9. I've been on ships before, when i was younger (around 6'5 maybe?) and still had to stoop in some areas
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The best bet is to go on a Royal Navy Acquaint Course (see your AFCO for details) - you will visit a submarine if your branch of preference is submarines related.

    You will soon see whether or not working on a submarine is suited to someone of your stature & a good "ready-reckoner" of it's effect on your health is to multiply the number of bumps on your head by the average number of days of a patrol on that type of boat & to see how much your back hurts after your one visit.

    There are no maximum height restrictions specified for any trade in the Royal Navy other than Naval Airman (Aircraft Handler) which is 193cm.

    Best of luck to you
  11. Welcome onboard aspiring embryo submariner! :razz:

    Taller than dad eh? Where have I encountered that before? Ah yes.... you're not related to Nicks are you, or hail from Littlehampton? :lol:

    Nicks' son is much taller than dad! Then again it could be that the youngsters of today are better fed than in the days of yore ;) :biggrin:
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I've been giving this conundrum further thought & have to say that although I've met many extremely tall submariners over the years, the tallest matelot I came across was about 6' 7" and he served on surface vessels and admitted it was a problem as his bed was too small and he suffered badly from back ache. Whether that was attributed to being stooped I'm not sure.

    I'll move this post into the submariner's forum in the hope a few more guys from that specialisation will be able to avise whether they feel you will be comfortable on boats.

    Good luck Lofty.
  13. I knew I would get a mention in this thread !!

    My Lad (who is away at the moment )on Exeter has to put his feet thru the headboard on his pit and Im sure he is still growing,but he never mentions it being a pain all this stooping down bit. He must be about 6ft 6 at the moment and not even close to 19 yet ???????????????

    Here he is with his little brother (6ft 2inches) (Thingy will have a field day with this one)

  14. Someone once invited a whole bunch of American
    basketball players back to visit a UK SSN. These
    people are gi-naggerous, and it proved somewhat
    futile to get the more loftier of them down the
    accomodation space hatch. I cannot say what the
    space(s) are like on the new Astutes, but I think
    a visit to any old Diesel Boat or SSN thats still available
    for public viewing would be an eye opener.
    Best of British - and never let it be said that the
    Submarine Service condones "Biggism" amongst its
    elite ranks.
  15. Nicks senior barely reaches his son's shoulders, so I hear.... ;)

    Nice piccy Nicks. Has he learned to shave yet? :biggrin:

  16. I was, and still am, 6'4" when i was drafted to boats in '68 and i thought i would be too tall then, but to no avail, into boats i went. The height thing never caused any PROPER probs, although the fore ends was the only place i could REALLY stretch out to my full height. I had to wait my turn for the athwartships bunk where i could stretch out and The w/t shack was tiny but you were sat down anyway, so that wasnt a problem. There were lots of fellow submariners just as tall as me onboard too, so its not as if i stuck out like a sore thumb when everyone else was about 5' something,( the common preconception of a submariner. )
    Its only now at 60 yrs old i wonder how i coped height wise . Also workmates will not believe i am an ex submariner !!
    Just get on with it and enjoy the experience!!
  17. No we still get the cat out once a week in the morning to lick his chin clean !
  18. A tall person in boats soon learns where to duck and there are places even on todays boats where having to duck is advisable even for shortars*s.Most jobs on the boat are "sitting-down" jobs nowadays so a permanent stoop is unlikely.I did't fit my bunk at 6 foot,just hd to bend the legs a bit
  19. I think even six foot and under submariners bang their head quite regularly (adds to the madness), I certainly did especially dashing to Attack, Emergency or Diving Stations, but has previously stated you soon learn when to duck. Mind you if you are tired you will sleep anywhere, bend the knees etc. Though 6' 11 is very tall I knew lots of lofties on S/Ms, they all coped without complaining, which would have been a waste of effort anyway. All the best hope you make it.
  20. Well even as a retarded 6ft civvy dwarf, my feet dangle over the end of my bed, so curling up is essential. I shall get my next bed made to fit ME! 7ft long, 14ft wide, should be about right! :biggrin:

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