60 years of SAR

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Mar 24, 2013.

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  1. :wave: You know who... I wish..ps looks like Crombie???

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  2. Brilliant post Scouse !!
  3. 75495b903105474488af948160ac190c-576x0.jpg

    I love this photo from the RN website. It's not just the ridiculous swing that's started (and probably caused the guy on the string to require a clean pair of boxers) but the way the bloke on the boat is holding up his hands, using the internationally recognised signal of WTF.
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  4. Or he's shouting "I'll catch you - Honest" :biggrin:

    Sometimes one had to 'swing' the wire to get the winchman on deck but methinks this is not such an occasion as the water is what we call in WAFU terms - FLAT!!!!!!!
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  5. Looking at the 'colour scheme' , the dragonflies on the old Vic were the midnight blue, good little choppers.
  6. While recognising the subtle distinction, the RN's been saving souls from the sea by air for a bit more than 60 years:


    OK, the one in the picture is of the light blue persuasion but similar dark blue ones probably pre date them. There was life (saving) before the mechanical palm tree.
  7. image.jpg Dragonfly at CU
  8. Your going the wrong way, the cabs behind you,=D
    . Who was the bird? She must have been freezing.
  9. [TABLE="class: tborder, width: 100%, align: center"]
    [TD="class: alt1, bgcolor: #FFFAE6"]Throughout 2013 the Maritime Sea King Force are celebrating the 60th anniversary of RN rotary wing SAR. A series of low profile events are being run throughout the year alongside a push to raise money for charities local to 771 NAS at CULDROSE and GANNET SAR Flight at Prestwick. An all ranks/rates Mess Dinner is being held in the Wardroom at RNAS CULDROSE on Fri 31 May 13. All past and present members of the Armed Forces who have served in any of the RN SAR units are welcome to attend. The details:

    Date: Fri 31 May 2013
    Time: 1900 for 1930
    Rig: Mess Undress/Black Tie
    Cost: £40 per head (any profits to RN SAR 60K Fund)

    To apply for tickets please email [email protected][/TD]

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