6 years for raping and handing around a 12 year old girl?

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what kind of country have we become?to rape a young girl after getting her into his car this pevert raped her a few times then passed her to a couple of mates for their enjoyment.Result?6 years banged up, out in 3!!
I hope this stupid judge [one of many] comes down with a serious painful and terminating disease and I hope this lowlife gets his just deserts in the nick.
I try not to be a bitter man but things like this make me want to apply for the next hangmans job,I don't believe our legal judges they live and look like Whigs from the olden days,
when will some-one give us a modern legal system instead of these silly idiots? I despair!
Re: 6 years for raping and handing around a 12 year old girl

Careful, mustn't say anything to harm this rapists human rights. Shhhhhhh - before he comes out maybe the inmates can chop his bits off. Maybe the screws will 'allow' him the pleasure of being raped in his cell by all the hairy cons first.

Maybe he'll hang himself....now won't that be a pity!


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Re: 6 years for raping and handing around a 12 year old girl

As regular as sunrise (except in extreme latitudes) there is a doddery old judges/chop the rapist's balls off rantex. This one is special, there is not even a link. I'm not saying it didn't happen but the case to which seafarer1939 refers to could be minutes or decades old.

Been done ad nauseum, nobody brings anything new. Cruel and unusual punishments for rapists etc. can be discussed on a thread in Lil's. Mind you, wouldn't you blokes hate to be the victim of a miscarriage of justice that resulted in your having one less ball than Hitler?
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