6 weeks to go, and a little bit worried

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by GPZ_pilot, Jul 26, 2008.

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  1. Hi people,

    Im joining BRNC on the 8th September, and Im a bit worried about my fitness and weight.

    Im 20 years old, can currently run the 1.5 mile in about 11.30 - 11.40, or 3 miles in 25-26 mins (bit slow I know). Im also a bit heavy at 87-88kg, with a bit of flab on me (a year and a half ago, I was 112 kg, nearly 19 stone!).

    Im just worried that Im not going to pass the fitness levels required and get washed out.

    I needn't worried about the military side as I have 7 years+ in the Air cadets, so can square-bash with the best of them, and know a moderate amount of military knowledge along with fair to middling leadership skills.

    My training regime atm is: 3 mile run (including the 2.4 k "run" first, followed by the rest of the distance), followed by 40 push-ups and 60 sit-ups. Next day is a 7 mile cycle, then the push-ups + sit-ups. I alternate this with the weekends off (I work nights on weekends). Monday nights, I also attend an hour of circuit training, and fit in swimming when ever I can - that's an hour of 1 length fast, one length normal speed.

    Any ideas or suggestions on how to get better for BRNC - ive heard all about "Cardio Hill", and a bit scared of it tbh.

  2. I'll start by stating quite clearly that I'm not a PTI.
    I've always found running (and eating less) is a good way to lose weight. I'm assuming from the fact that you've signed off as 'Kim' that your a woman, so you're already inside the time required for the mile & a half. Six more weeks of the training regime you've said you follow and you will only improve and continue to lose weight. Do too much and you increase the risk of injury.

    I would say you're on course to be fine.
  3. I concur.

    There are loads of fat women officers.
  4. Eat less, take exercise and no eating after 1800!!!

    Dieting meal: one quarter protein, one quarter carbohydrate and half fruit/vegetables.

    Healthy meal: one third each: protein, carbohydrate, fruit/vegetables.

    Keep off the alcohol :sad2:

    This is what I've been told to eat by the Dietician at my GP's surgery... and I weigh in at a massive 145Kg!!!
  5. It's not cardio hill, it's CARDIAC hill. You'll learn to love it. And ten trees as well. Those two words still make me shudder. Seriously though, two months is plenty to shave off 30 secs off the mile and a half. Even if you don't pass first time, you'll just go onto remedials until you do.
  6. Hey Kim
    What a coincidence I joined the WRNS 8 Sep 70!! Blimey just realised it is 38 years ago where does the time go?
    It was a good life and I stuck it for 22 years so can't be all that bad
    Good luck with you fitness!!
    Am enjoying the fruits of my labour here in Spain,the Pussers Pension give me a smashing lifestyle
  7. If Morsey's anything to go by, it will give you eternal youth. :thumright:
  8. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    GPZ, I'm sure that the fitness routine you are following will prepare you more than adequately for training. As for leadership skills? If you're going to be an orifice, why would you possibly need any?
  9. nope, i am a bloke - all 6 ft of me.

    and i read someware that Officers need leadership skills of sorts... cant think why tho :roll:

  10. [​IMG]

    Ahh, what's in a name?
  11. not a lot - usually some letters in some vague order. :D
  12. I would be worried, joining the Navy and getting your bum spiked
  13. Foe Gawds sake, don't let the lads know your first name. Immature, I know, but that's Jack!
  14. If you fail PTA or PTB you will be put on a DO's Warning, the lowest of the Warnings, and will attend remedial training (i.e. instead of participating in Sport, you will be either running or doing copious amounts of press ups) until you pass. You must pass it by, I believe the end of the phase, or things start getting more serious.

    I would be far more worried about letting people know you are a former Air Cadet than that your name is Kim! There will be loads of jokes about the RifRAF!
  15. Haha, yeah, I can cope with jibes about my name - I've had it for 20 years (the name that is, rather than VERY harsh parents lol)

    And yeah, I plan to keep that quiet for as long as I can.. and be just "naturally" good at the square bashing. Although there is nothing wrong with a bit of inter-service fun making - I get the piss taken outta me loads at my local unit (I'm a civilian member of staff there now) as we have active RAF personnel there and they like to take the fun at my expense. :roll:

    oh, and PTA and PTB - some one care to explain please? im guessing bleep test and/or 2.4k run + the push ups + sit ups
  16. There you go.
    Don't admit to knowing the drill, because the drill is different. If you go swanning around thinking you know, the cat will be out of the bag.

    Plead ignorance, and you might get away with it.

  17. PTA - 1.5 miles on the Atroturf at the back of the college. You do it on the Thursday or Friday of your first week - 8 times around and shout it out each lap. Just expect a warm up from the PTIs that'll have you sweating your bits off - focusses the mind somewhat. PTB is the push ups, sit ups (to a bleep tape - UP, pause - DOWN) tremendous fun! Then the sprint relay. If you don't succeed either you then go on remedials - where the nice RM PTI ensures you throw your guts up running up and down the driveway outside Casper John hall. Don't forget the swim test as well - 2 mins treading water then 2 lengths of the pool - the real killer is getting yourself out with the soaking ovies! It's about a foot and a half lift, so practice that if you can.

    You should have received your fitness regime with your joining instructions - these are handed into your DO on the first night.

    In short you need to train religiously - get a pack on your back and go for a walk - up hills and across uneven surfaces - This will help you with ABLE on week 7. Don't worry, they'll also give you plenty of period zeros (06:00 to 07:00) most mornings to build your strength.

    You need to be able to complete the RNFT very comfortably (http://www.royal-navy.mod.uk/server/show/nav.3520) and the only way is to run, every day and keep at it. Rest assured, whatever preparation you do will pay massive dividends in the first 8 weeks, but you will be pushed! Well out of your comfort zone - that's the whole point of New Entry. But the sense of achievement you get at the end, after you run up Gutter Tor with a stretcher after 4 days of intense activity and about 3 hrs sleep will never be put into words - it just can't be.

    Train well, remember that they're trying to make you into a person who can withstand the pressures of the forces life, just keep your head down and go for it! I loved every minute (Bwah-ha-haaaa!!!!) Most important - remeber that BRNC is nothing like the real thing, and CODEX is the most fun you'll have before IST.

    Chin up!
  18. Oh - and if you stamp your foot on the parade square- Pebbles with rip the bits out of you for the rest of your stay!
  19. lol, cheers guys - very useful.

    I'm currently running the PTA at 11.40, with just under 5 weeks left (hows that on a scale of things, good, bad, avge for a 88kg bloke). The swimming will be a pile of piss - the ATC advanced was harder - 300m in full coveralls, then lifting yourself outta the pool (about 10" lip) with 50m sprints and diving as well in full ovies. And is it really 18" lip? lol

    The fitness regime that the "PJF programme"? blue booklet thingy.. if so, I'm doing that pretty well.

    And as for the drill, yeah, I was thinking of keeping it quiet, and just "pick it up quickly" lol.

  20. - que?

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