5th July AIB

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by will617, May 30, 2010.

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  1. Hi,

    I've got my AIB on the 5th July 2010, just wondering if anyone else has that date? I'm going for Pilot and Observer, really hoping for September intake, though i'm not sure if thats going to be possible!


  2. I have yes! I've also got the how2become AIB pack from http://www.how2become.co.uk which I am finding very useful indeed. Im not to fussed about the SDT questions or verbal/numerial reasoning etc because I did loads of prep for FATS, and scored well. I'm revising the Navy, equipment etc at the moment.

  3. I do now! Thats brilliant, do you know here I can get a copy of The Royal Navy Broadsheet 2010?
  4. It's only just been published actually, so I'm not sure whether the AFCOs have received any copies yet; it certainly hasn't become available online yet. I shall have a few advance copies next week. Ring your AFCO on Tuesday; if they haven't got any yet, let me know, and you can have one of mine.
  5. Thanks everyone for your comments. StixJimboRM - I think i'll get it for some personal interest reading! Quick question - when is the selection for the September intake,and what are the chances of me getting on it? I have a competitive FAT pass for pilot. Because I would ideally like to get this intake, providing i pass of course, because I have a uni place if I am unsuccessful at AIB for the 20th September 2010, so if I don't get Sept, I'll have to go to Uni assuming the worst and hope for a Jan or April intake which would mean starting Uni and then leaving a couple of months in. When is the selection for the Jan intake, and when would I find out if I was on that intake?


  6. I *think* they likely select end of July / start of August, it does ask for your preferred BRNC entry date on your AIB forms, so you are likely have a chance of getting a September place. (all dependant on pilot / observer spaces at BRNC)

    It all depends on how well you do at AIB, do very well and your chances are very good, do not so well and you will be waiting a while / potentially have to redo AIB all over again as your pass only lasts a year.

    Just give it your all, study hard and don't stop trying till you get your result from the board president, up till then its all to play for.
  7. If you read through the AIB thread there were people having their AIB in March and getting in for April, but I don't know if this was because there was a particular requirement for that branch.
    Have you thought about deferring your entry to uni either way? Just that if you start and have to drop out you'll probably still have to pay fees.
  8. I have looked at this option, but if I am unsuccessful I would still like to join the forces after university as a non aircrew position so I have a degree if I choose to leave the forces. Plus I wouldn't want to hang around doing nothing for half a year, and then be a year behind at uni.

    I'm revising hard, as far as I am aware I have a really good FAT score, and aim to get the best possible pass at AIB and hope for the best. Thanks again for all the comments!

  9. If you join without a degree you might be able to do a degree within service, worth a consideration
  10. That was my plan, i believe you get a Fd in Military Aviation Studies following flying training, and then you can extend that to a BSc which I fully intend on doing.

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