547 SPO Course (Pompey) What to wear?

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Furniss, Feb 24, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know what to wear, on my generic joining instructions it say's 4's yet everyone i know who has done it at Pompey has worn CS 95's has anyone else done this course and if so what did you wear? Many thanks, Sam
  2. Sussies for sure. Leather trousers with the arse cheeks cut out and a leather cap.
  3. I no what the leather bit is about and very funny lol but i take it sussies means cs 95's, i'm only young please dont take the p*ss too bad!
  4. Ok, well CS95s are normally only for staff.

    4s i would say.
  5. Ok thanks
  6. You may want to give the staff a call and ask them whether you can wear CS95.

    Also, ask them about the leather gear too, and whether PVC would be better as it's waterproof and more comfortable. Apparently.
  7. Ok and i'll ask if it's ok to bring my whip to use in place of a baton as i like that sort of thing :S
  8. The fred would be funnier if we all knew what SPO Course is.

  9. sorry its RNR i think? means ships protection something or other
  10. You know what, i'm going to take both sets and then i can't go wrong i guess eh, thanks for all the help, Furniss
  11. The courses usually end up with a mix of CS95 and No4s, but if you have CS95 then I'd take it; from the practicality and comfort perspective as much as anything else.

    Nutty: Ships Protection Organisation, newfangled invention ;) Ships Coy with rifles. RNR GSSR do it.
  12. Ah thanx thats ideal, those black holdall/rucksacks they give you at Raleigh though just aren't big enough! Ah well, it will make a nice running weight now xD
  13. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I thought it was Stoker Petty Officer, well it used to be :shock: :shock:

    If you don't know what sussies are its a form of webbing :oops: :oops:
  14. I would have thought knicks and flip flops would be De Rigeur!
  15. ah yeh, ive taken my webbing with me, all packed now and theres nothing else i'm adding or else the zips will burst on the bag
  16. Some on our course got bollocked for wearing CS95's, thats staff only.

    The Lord Broadley could decide to tear you a nnew arse hole?

    The SPO 547 is not an RNR course. It is an RN course which is now a requirement for RNR GSSR ratings and officers.
  17. What the hell is GSSR? It sounds like Steaming party to me.
  18. General Service Seaman (Reserve) but as they wont let us do any seamanship courses any more likely to get a name to Force Protection Reserve or similar.
  19. The answer to your dillema is simple. Rock up in 4s, with a copy of your joining instructions in your back pocket. You are then officially in the correct rig, your grip is half as heavy, and you wont look like just another dabber feeding his "inner McNabb".
  20. Yes i'd go with that, joing instructions are a form of order. The inner Mcnab is a constant evil twin to most reservists involved someway or another with guns. It was certainly evident in the "new gun for the teams" thread.

    I remember turning up at Bisley to do a competition, some of the other units turned up with all the gear and....you know the rest.

    If they don't let you do seamanship courses I would question why, as we need seamen for sure. When I was a reserve i managed to Shanghai my way onto seamanship courses, Radar courses even though I was HQ branch.

    Use your initative, take a firm grip of your RNR career.

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