54.5% Pussers Rum.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Grim_Reaper, Dec 4, 2008.

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  1. Just had a bottle of 54.5% Pussers Rum delivered to my place overseas from the Nauticalia shop in Liverpool.
    Magic, just in time for Xmas.
    I'll drink a Tot to the good health of you all.
    Merry Christmas folks.

    P.S. £39.50 delivered by the way.
  2. £23 quid and a few shekels in my local grog shop, but that's "collect it yourself". Thanks for the toast, and here's to you in return.

  3. Mine was for delivery abroad, hence the cost.
    Worth every penny though.
    Cheers Matey!
  4. How dose it compare to Woods rum.I've tried most of them but nothings like the real thing. I will continue the research until fully embalmed . :thumright:
  5. I was most surprised last weekend to find Pussers Rum available in a New Zealand Grog shop.
    I was on a visit to Wet Blobby, so bought a bottle, NZ$ 68, a snip.
    Ashamed to say we polished it off in one afternoon.
    Although hungover didn't feel too bad and must admit it was a lovely drop of rum, usually a malt whiskey drinker, but would buy another bottle (For sipping!!), with no heitation.
    Must find out if the local branch of the chain I got it in stocks it.
  6. I buy mine in bulk at reunion usualy 12 at a time and if i go to spain nip down to gib and pick a couple up or even the channel islands when i go
  7. Prefer Woods meself! Smoother. :drunken:
  8. Disagree there i love woods and have drank gallons of the stuff ,But i think woods is more firery :whew: :whew:
  9. Captain morgan spicy rum falklands special
  10. A bit pedantic maybe, but do the Irish do a Malt WhiskEy?
  11. Love em all but Pussers' is my fav.
  12. Quite right Tommo, I am lucky enough to still have about two tots left! saving for the rainiest of days, maybe they are here now?
  13. My local pub sells Pussers and so does the pub near my older brother in Somerset. So we're both sorted when we visit each other lol
  14. Get Pussers Rum from a small specialist booze shop down town. € 20.00 a bottle. Talking of which must go down there again, as there is currently far more air than rum in my bottle.

    Cheers everyone. :rendeer:
  15. Hicks 125 .Now theres firery for you .the strongest rum produced in great britain
  16. AGGGhhh , Got me!!
    Hold on though Bushmills do a very good 10 year old malt, so yes they do, you twot. :dwarf:
  17. For Info.....

    Black Bush Special Irish Whiskey is a rich, dark, 80-proof blend from the world's oldest licensed distillery, "Old Bushmills" distillery in County Antrim, Ireland.
    It is comprised almost entirely of single malt whiskey, making it a choice selection of deluxe whiskey aficionados.

    Malt whiskey that becomes Black Bush is aged up to eleven years in selection sherry-seasoned oak casks before being blended with a small portion of a special single grain whiskey to enhance the independant, non-conformist character of the malt. The malt used in the mash derives its clean taste from the deliberate absence of peat used in the malted barley drying process.

    All of the Irish whiskey distilleries kiln-dry their malt in a heat-fired, not peat-fired, oven. This drying process lets the clean, clear taste of the malt and barley shine through. The combination is then returned to the cask for "marrying." As the whiskeys mellow together, the uniquely rounded bouquet, rich amber hue and distinctive taste of Black Bush is born.
    Black Bush has a distintive, full bodied aroma with spicy, malty and nutty sweet sherry notes. It is complex and well flavoured, slightly sweet with clear malt notes that are not masked by smoke. It is a whiskey to be enjoyed straight or on the rocks.

    Producer: Bushmills Distillery - www.bushmills.com
    ABV: 40.0%
    Country of Origin: Northern Ireland

    More Info....

    Scottish & Canadian Whisky Irish & American Whiskey
  18. Learn something new everyday is a good maxim. Thanks for that. Pity the sun is nowhere near the Yardarm! Cheers.
  19. 54.5% ? wasn't the original pussers 1.5% under ?

    I recall Grants Vatted (light golden colour IIRC) in Pompey being 100% - spent my 21st getting pie-eyed on it in the Tricorn ..... :drunken:
  20. If it were 100%, it would be a colourless liquid. It was probably 100% PROOF, which works out at about 57.15% ABV

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