53yo female-= what's the realistic chances of being able to join

Hi everyone, I'm female, soon to be 53 years old. I would like a last hurrah before I slide down into mediocrity and old age. Load's of experience and qualifications, come on, what are the chances of me getting in?


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On the face of it, if you meet the eligibility criteria for entry into the RFA, you genuinely have the same opportunity as any other person who is equally eligible but younger.
I'm not that much younger than you and will hopefully be joining the rest of this years intake depending on my medical and just chuffed I have gotten this far and all I can say is go for it give it your best shot
Thanks everyone for your replies, giving it serious thought now. One thing though, I have been having a good old look around the forum and online but the pay scales seem to be a bit of a secret! There doesn't seem to be official pay rates published anywhere, or am I being a bit thick?


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Unless you are qualified to apply for Logistics Supply Officer, you will have to join as a Chef or Steward Apprentice. Currently, apprentices get £14648 in the first year. The apprenticeship can be for 1-2 yrs.

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