52 Inf Bde and 40 cdo

40 cdo guys are wearing a castle like badge on their left arm. I know they are attached to 52 Inf Brigade for the Afghanistan tour and I understand that the Bde's HQ is based in Edinburgh Castle. I'm assumimg, therefore, that the badge is their insignia. I've looked at the Bde site and google imaged it but have found no conformation as such. Anyone know? Also, were any outide army units i.e. not 59, 29 or 131 cdo units attached to 3 Cdo Bde on their tour this year and if so did they wear any kind of 3 Cdo Bde insignia?

PS How do I transform that long link into 'Look Here'?
HarryBosch said:
PS How do I transform that long link into 'Look Here'?

In the rows of options above the edit box there is a globe with what looks like a little flame. Highlight the words you want to hotlink and then press that button. It'll come up with a dialogue box for the URL.
Lads HarryBosch is a former Bootneck with a lot of experience. With all due respect, Im sure he is very well aware of the different Commando dagger flashes, RM Commando flashes and what it takes to earn the right to wear them.

40 Cdo are currently deploying to Afghanistan with 52 Inf Brigade and the flashes shown in the picture Harry posted (blue and white castle worn on the left sleeve under the Commando Flashes) is what he is asking about.

Harry Ive been digging mate, but havent come up with anything yet. I will let you know if I find anything.

Yes the castle badge is the insignia of the 52 Inf Br, originally the lads were told to remove the dagger flashes and put this badge on instead, you can imagine the reaction to that, the badge is now being worn on the other arm, will be interesting to see how long they last in theatre
spenny - I've no doubt, but it was a general point, aimed at those who don't know. I anticipated flak for saying that non-commando qualified personnel could wear the dagger, hence the additional info.

TRF = tactical recognition flash. Helps identify which unit/service you are from. Go look on arrse for many many posts on this matter. Unless this is a bite.....
I have the commando dagger from Telic 1.The brigadier presented them to us at Umm Qasr port.None of us were commando trained however the RM thought it was a nice touch for us to have it. An honour I would say. As for 52 BDE in Ganners .Well if your attachted to the BDE you wear there TRF .No shame in that.Royals are pretty ok with these things.
Thanks all.

My initial puzzlement stemmed from the fact that 52 Inf Bde's web site does not display their own recognition flash. I knew about the light armoured sqdns being presented with commando daggers during Telic and thought that was a great idea. However, I understand the Sqdn were told to remove it when they got back which was both unnecessary and a touch vindictive. If non-commando ( as I said, this rules out 29, 59, 131) guys are in theatre as a part of 3 Cdo Bde I see no reason why they shouldn't wear the black dagger. My question was, on the recent Afghan tour, did they?

If the story about telling 40 to remove their dagger is true then it sounds like a case of some jealous idiot trying to start a fight. After all, Royal wears it on his right sleeve whereas 7 Armd Bde, for example, wear the rat on their left sleeve, as can be seen in this picture of them in their new retro desert rat style jumpers.


P.S. A pity the boss couln't have ordered one for all of his boys and girls and not just his Officers and WOs. So much for being "a company of one".

PPS I tried the flaming globe logo but all I got was the new title plus the long link. Hence the edit and the resort to the long link.

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