50th Birthday of the RAF Memorial Flight.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Handler, Apr 27, 2007.

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  1. Today sees the Lanc take again to the skies in its new livery as the "Phantom of the Ruhr". One of the advantages of living in Lincs is the sounds of those merlin's. As usual the Lanc will traditionally fly over Lincoln Cathedral !!
  2. Dont worry, they are being called back into service to form the new bomber wing of the RAF.

    Spits n Hurricanes will go into CAS front line units until Typhoon is available - sometime on 2020.

    Used to live in Lincs, always remember hearing the Vulcans going over. Couple years ago when me mum was having Chemo in Lincoln Hossie she used to watch the AWACS lining up on final approach...
  3. I must admit that the sound of a Merlin engine brings a lump to the throat. I used to live on the approach to Daedalus and when the Vulcan flew in for Air Days it was a spectacular sight.

    Semper Strenuissima.
  4. Bloody typical the crabs get 2 bombers into service this year!! :)
  5. Blimey! I thought it was the replacement for the Eurofighter...
    Seriously though folks there are two mechanical noises that get my juices flowing, a Ferrari or at least a good Italian V6 on full throttle, and a Merlin engine.
    Try as they might no one has properly replicated the noise of either.
    Memories of the flat four Alfa engine I'd settle for lacking the others above; if only the rust hadn't settled in so quickly, or, I hadn't become such friends with the man from the RAC.
  6. hi
    my granfather used to work on them in WW2 and he loves them it still brings a tear to his eye. but i must admit there is nothing quite like a merlin engine rumberling over head.
  7. Thank You!!!!!!!!!

    Don't get me started on the "Crabs" Memorial Flight. Manned by RAF personnel dodging front line service and run on RAF Money.

    Royal Navy Historic Flight had to go begging to raise the money to fund themselves when the MOD chopped all the support, then civilianised it.

    Really does grip my S**t.

    And I have to bloody work with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. JFH,
    If I may correct you. All BBMF aircrew with the exception of the CO are serving operational aircrew on a variety of types such as the GR7, Typhoon and E-3D. They most certainly do not dodge front line service. All juggle busy operational deployment and trg schedules with the Flt, regularly sacrificing their weekends and time off to display. There are only 25 groundcrew who are full time and a 3 man admin team, 2 of whom are civilians and one a reservist flt lt. All of the groundcrew complete a normal tour length before returning to operational posts. I understand that they are not screened from OOA during their BBMF tour.

    The BBMF costs are regularly examined and the RAF fights hard to protect them. The RAF lost 55 000 aircrew in Bomber Command alone during WWII. Whilst the team is run on public money, I consider it a tiny price to pay for maintaining these wonderful and historic aircraft in the air. When we start to give up on maintaining our history and traditions, I believe strongly it erodes the fabric of our respective services.

    I relish the sight and sound of the Swordfish, Sea Fury etc every bit as much as those of the Spit, Hurricane, Lanc and Dakota. Likewise I remember the fallen from your service with equal reverence. However, if the RN chose not to defend the RNHF more aggressively, don't blame the RAF.

  9. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Since both services wear blue and are meant to be on the same side, perhaps our energies would be better spent criticising the bean counters rather than indulging in pointless slaggling matches. Heritage and history are important and need to be maintained - whether its within the auspices of a service or as a civilianised body; the fact remains all the services are being slowly strangled by Bliar and Broon and the continued maintainance of any non-operational element is a miracle in itself!
  10. I concur entirely Flagwagger.

    Joint Memorial Force anyone?

  11. And Bomber Command never recieved even a campaign medal at the end of the war for their efforts or a national memorial thanks to spiteful politicians.

    We owe them a debt of gratitude and the BBMF is a small price to pay and worth every penny.
  12. Couldn't agree more Oil Slick, it makes my blood boil that Bomber Command is denigrated as a bunch of murderers by those who regret the bombing of Dresden or Hamburg as being non military targets, IMHO the whole of Germany was a military target,they should have leveled the place feeling sorry for Nazis FFS, same goes for the Japanese. :evil: :evil:

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