5000 redundancies

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by andybenw, Oct 19, 2010.

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  1. For December 2009, the total trained regular strength of the Naval Service was 34,660, of which 27,710 were Royal Navy and 6940 were Royal Marines.

    As the Royal Marines are not being touched I the cuts to be roughly 18 percent of the RN manpower. Clearly that is not going to all come from voluntary redundancies.

    Does anyone have a handle on the new 2010 armed forces redundancy package.
  2. Well I have read somewhere that the goverment changed the Armed Forces redundancy package back in April this year. It is basicaly 6 months pay. But todays review said it would be natural wastage?

    A link from ninja stoker: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2010/345/made

    A very interesting read.
  3. Bloody Torys...
  4. 1000 people a year is a LOT of natural wasteage!!!
  5. Off Les,
    how many zoomies maintainers are there? Not all of them are going to be able to recat to the merlin/lynx/wildcat airframes are they? Not enough airframes to justify keep X amount of WAFU's.
  6. about 10% of 5000.....!

    edited to add, surely they can't just fire 500-odd people like that?
  7. Well thats 4500 left!!! In my branch we are overbourne 120 CPO's with most having 5/10E left. But these are the guys with the most experence in the branch.

    When they mention natural wastage they must be implying about people leaving through 1 years notice to serve or retirement after 22. I still can't see many people putting their notice during this shit economic climate.
  8. They need to have a look at the long term P7 crew mincing around Nelson, then again I wouldnt be shocked if the PMO was busy today with people wanting to be upgraded P2.
  9. :D :D
  10. I am surprised how many I know actually are putting their notice in or have already.
  11. Dunno about natural wastage. There has to be some I suppose with the freeze on recruiting. But 2SL said today Voluntary and Compulsary redundancies, numbers to be worked out by January.
  12. Rocky its amazing isn't it? Someone we both now who is dripping about being P7 for ages and she is now looking for a for new job outside
  13. I know the person you mean and believe me she isnt the only one, there has been a few nervous little sailors in my office!!!
  14. Any serious predictions on who will get the chop??
  15. CPO WE's are overborne. I'd imagine we will also now be overborne a large amount of WAFU's.
  16. No need to "Recat"

    All RN maintainers have the ability to swap from AC type to AC type!! Fully flexible force. :D

    However the crab trained AET's are going to have a shock, no single cabins etc :D
  17. I would imagine that for those nearer the end of their time an early release would be a dream come true for many of them.
  18. True. I went from SHAR to Merlin and now I'm going to Vanguard Class Submarines. Hows THAT for flexibility! :D

    You obviously haven't seen the SLA at Cul'D. Palatial :D
  19. I reckon it would be a good excuse to finally get rid of the legacy Air Fitters!!
  20. The ME Branch is also abit top heavy

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