.50 cal ammo

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by seafarer1939, Feb 6, 2010.

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  1. Getting back to business and whilst in hospital did a fair amount of idleness hanging about looking at scars so I read a lot about the Afghanistan conflict. I am so much in admiration of the way our forces are conducted but:
    Which knobhead in the MOD/Government ordered .50 cal ammo from Pakistan which,through insufficient charges,only fired one shot due to not having enough to charge re cock the weapon.
    I read this gun is really feared by the Talliban as it goes thru houses but why Pakistan?any Tallie workman could sabotage this ammo,where was quality control?we had to buy it from the Canutes so?are we mad to order ammo from a country that harbours Talliban?
    If we can build carriers/super fast jets are we really saying we can't make our own ammo?Give me a break.
    To the guy who said my post made his head hurt,well,get your carer to miss my posts out whilst reading them to you!
    Just a question re. the ammo seems ridiculous to me,just for cheapness.
  2. Weren't Royal Ordnance Factory's all shut down by forward thinking polies?
  3. Not the first time we've had ammo problems, WP mortar rounds that didn't like the rain and I seem to remember an issue with a few dodgy batches of 5.56mm - it's all all about the money and ensuring 'best value'. This sort of thing could well get worse when the cuts come...

    edited for number dyslexia
  4. Pity this country does not have a joined-up policy on ammunition production like Finland. Their state owned commercial powder,bullet and casing manufacturers can sell any residual products having first satisfied their duty to the military, thus making their country almost completely self-sufficient with it's arms needs.

    I think the UK has about 4 days worth of ammunition available within the UK if we were ever invaded.
  5. Use to be a .50 gunner first time i went Bagram Airbase doing patrols on the WHIMICKS, and to be honest they were shocking, off course we had it set to automatic, but it would fire a couple of rounds, make safe, make ready, stoppage and start all over again, so eventually we swaped them all for the good old trusted GPMG. I would rather give up on power then reliabilty.
  6. Same issue with American 5.56.
  7. Welcome Back, (you old * * * * * * *!).

    & Don't get toooo excited or they'll have you strapped in next time. :wink:

  8. Comes as no great surprise and you do wonder where they get these halfwits in the MOD from?
  9. We do have an indiginous small arms ammunition manufacturer,but they don't/weren't asked to quote for .50.
    The problem is usually that MoD can't give the large orders required to make it's manufacture in the Uk possible,
    For information : the Royal Ordnance Factories were privatised in 1984(after nearly 500 years of supplying the Services) as a measure to reduced the number of Civil Servants
  10. We do not have an indiginous manufacturing facility; we have an assembling facility, using imported raw materials. Ever since the ICI facility closed in Scotland (which manufactured one fo the finest propellants in the world) we've been buying in all of our raw materials.
  11. Had plenty of time to read and had a few combat autobiographies including the excellent 3 Para and 3 Commando and I wish I hadn't at times.
    In Patrick Bishops 3 Para he stated they had to borrow night vision equipment from the Danes before they could do a night patrol,that's unforgivable for a modern Army such as ours,Blair and Brown lied, but what is worse, the Afghan soldiers regularly lifted young boys from the streets took them in an ally,raped them then washed themselves in the river after wards!
    I have to ask do we really want to protect animals such as these?the Paras said they had to accept the sexuality of these Afghans but I'm not sure we should.
    If they behave like animals then let them live in the stone age.
    I find it depressing we are losing fine people for such people as these.
    Rant over back to bed!
    Stitches out tomorrow so I sending the wife out to get a bottle of Woods pussers rum, wait till I breathe on the consultant won't he be a happy man?
  12. seafarer1939 I felt just as revolted and angry when I read 'A Million Bullets' where the soldiers discussed seeing the ANP keeping catamites. It does stress to breaking point FDRs 'he's a son of a bitch, but he's our son of a bitch' mentality. The sad thing is that for everyone of these warped fcuks there are probably a dozen Afghans who are putting themselves in harms way to try and build themselves a better country.
  13. I have heard that one before about the sexual appetite of the shite out there personally and with being a father a swift boot in the wedding tackle area would be S.O. Ireckon

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