5 Year Commitment Bonus


Was wondering if anyone can give me a definite answer to whether there is a "Return of service" after collecting the £5,500 bonus. I'm on LH's course but as i'm currently recovering from surgery and will take a while before back on course and then back to the fleet, i am thinking of putting my notice in as its already been 18 months since i was on a working boat.... Seriously losing motivation for getting back out there.


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There certainly was a couple of years ago and I'd be very surprised if it has changed for obvious reasons. Pretty sure it was year, but sure a scribbler or pusser can confirm soon.


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From what I have been led to believe is once you have taken the bonus you can put your years notice in.

I however would speak to the UPO for full details and correct info

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Another question on the commitment bonus, after taking the 5 year,when are the next ones able to be taken and how much are they worth?

Just hoping someone might remember of the top of their heads.


No return of service for the new one, so you get to keep it.

As for the other question: You can take it at the 5 and 6 year point or the 5 and 8 year point. You can't do 5, 6 and 8 despite what it may say on JPA.

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