5 Poofs and a Piano

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by SONAR-BENDER, Jul 16, 2010.

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  1. OK, so we have '5 Poofs and a piano'. Great, love 'em. But it seems that the gig with Wossy has finished and now they have to get another gig. What we need here is some publicity!

    But that's not my drip! :x

    RANT ON.

    I cannot call a gay man a faggot, arse bandit or even that old favourite, poof, anymore. Not even if I know him well, just in case some tosser (can I still say that?) grasses me up to the PC Police. (Think Adrian Ch***s on a certain BBC show. Allegedly.) Similarly, if I had a dog from Norway called Nygga, I would not be allowed to call him in a public place. However, I am still regularly called a Scotch twat (sic, my mis-spelling), however, I am not a twat. No, really! Nor do I run off crying to anyone about it, though these days I probably could. Sadly.

    So, how can 5 Poofs and a Piano get away with it? If I call one of them a poof in public am I being a bigot! Can I be prosecuted? WTF is going on?



    PS, For (non bigot) info, in the last 10 days I have attended 2 BBQs with a local gay couple who are our mates. Also the (3) chaps behind us are gay - don't ask!! When I say behind, :oops: what I mean is... oh forget it!
  2. i guess maybe because theyre calling it themselves
  3. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    So "poof" is acceptable within the gay community, in the same way that "Nigger" is acceptable within certain areas of the black community; the problem appears to be when the words are used by an "outsider". Hmm, isn't this a discriminatory use of language?
  4. So who evaluates if I'm raving nosh after I have been heard using the poofter word? :roll: 8O
  5. A 'tosser' or 'tosspot' is someone who imbibes too much beer (i.e. they constantly 'toss' or throw their 'pot' or tankard mouth-wards) Anyone who cannot see this is a wanker.
  6. Why don't they change their name to "5 Poofs and an Organ or maybe 5 Poofs and a Swinging Organ?" that would sound better in certain bars.
  7. Eldest sister on the phone to me a while back.....

    ''Who is your current partner''

    PARTNER :?: , I am not a friggin accountant/surveyor/lawyer/architect. :evil:

    I hate all this PC bollox.
  8. 5hooters, eh quite catchy.

    See what I did there eh? :D :roll:
  9. Puts my feeble effort into the bin,I know when I'm beat!

  10. I cant stand that whole "partner" thing - I just say to my family, "this is the bloke I am screwing at the moment!"
  11. Like yer style dilli.
  12. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    The real reason is that calling them "Five talentless cunts and an Ivory Tinkler" didn't cut it with Equity.
  13. :D

    Dull Daily Mail shit until the General stepped in :salute:
  14. Well you do don't ya. :roll: 8O

    Please god let this be a woman, and if not give me the strength to keep my fuckin gob shut. :? 8O
  15. She is and an ex-jenny so crack on :D
  16. The surface fleet have the RM band, what more apt next employment for the four ass bandits and the twinkle fingered bummer than entertaining our friends at Faslane.
  17. I bet that fills him full of confidence
  18. I'm confused now.

    Are you a shirtlifter or a slapper?
  19. She's an ex-jenny Guzzler, you work it out :wink:
  20. Ah, right!

    Haven't been following stuff much recently. You know, job hunting and all that!


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