5 key pillars of maritime

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by dee_muppet, Mar 26, 2010.

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  1. Hi, i am hoping to go to my AIB pretty soon, and have been looking up about the training of becomming an officer. And the Royal Navy website states that in the first week you learn about the 5 Key pillars of maritime, which are as follows:
    ‘Military’ (including the 518 Course – firing the SA80 personal weapon)
    ‘Staff’ (including Defence Writing and English training)
    ‘Command Leadership & Management’
    ‘Grit / Courage’

    I was just wondering whether anyone can tell me a bit more about what they are please.

  2. Methinks "Maritime" might be the fifth pillar too, unless BRNC has lost the ability to count.

    Give officer_inland a PM, he's at BRNC right now, and has helpfully volunteered himself for questions like these.

    Here's what I can tell you however - you'd be assessed on all of these, amongst others:

    TERM 1

    RN Fitness Test
    RN Swim Test
    Ex ABLE Command
    Maritime Environment
    Strategic Studies
    ESS Presentation (not the foggiest on that one...)
    RN Fitness TEST (PTB - damn those acroynms)
    Rule of the Road
    Defence Writing
    Defence Studies
    European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL)
    Basic Sea Safety Course
    Maths & English

    TERM 2

    IFT Safety Oral Board
    IFT Final Oral Board
    Rule of the Road
    Exercise MARL (Maritime Leadership Exercise)
    Strategic Studies
    Defence Writing
    Second Officer of the Watch


    Maths (Observer)
    Maths (Pilot)
  3. Teutonic T

    Not everyone who goes to BRNC is male ..........
  4. Sol,

    Not everyone who goes to BRNC is a muppet, either.


    (Some used to be real poppits)
  5. 5 key ingredients are

    Yeast Extract
    Vegetable Extract
    Spice Extracts
    Vitamin B12
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    The most you might need might be one - A rolled up Burberry-Lining is tops

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  10. i think dee-muppet has has his first intro to lower deck w*nkers -

    oh well, time to await the next one
  11. Ok thanks teutonic_taffy i will try and get hold of him.

    And thanks everyone else for those bits of amusement, i suppose you have to have a sense of humour when you have no other attributes! :wink:

    Although i guess you have just shown me the 5 key pillocks!

    Thanks again!
  12. dee_muppet

    Not everyone who goes to BRNC is male .............
  13. Blackrat

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    Christ mate. You have a lot to learn about Military humour.
  14. They are by the time they get out.
  15. Ok if i have caused offence i apologise greatly, was not meant to offend anyone.

    without you all i would be without help, so i show you grave gratitude!
  16. welcome to the fold dee-muppet. when you can do sarcastic praise you are in the club.

    now remember one thing and one thing only - join the FAA
  17. Don't worry about any of this, you won't need to know it. They have a limited time and don't need a day by day account of BRNC.

    An example answer to the question "tell me about your initial training at BRNC" would be:

    Term 1 is 14 weeks and focuses on the transition to military life and leadership. It includes BLD, ABLE and BSSC. Term 2 is 14 weeks, the majority of it is taken up on IFT which lasts 10 weeks, takes place on a capital ship. After this you return to BRNC for 4 weeks which includes fleet board and MARL before passing out. (next phase obviously depends on your branch).

    It is that sort of detail, no more. Many people focus on learning the BRNC schedule off by heart and don't learn about the early career/training pipeline for their chosen role so don't forget to look over those initial stages too.
  18. Have you passed the AIB Lonestar?
  19. Only asking
  20. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    And Jimbo only answered.

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