5 Day Plastering Course

Discussion in 'The Afterlife - Resettlement and Jobs' started by BFRS, Mar 22, 2013.

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  1. There 5 day plastering course is ideal for people who have limited time to attend a full course but still want to learn the key aspects of plastering. The course is very hands on and during the 5 days you will over skim plastered walls, fix boards to a wall using the dot and dab technique, aaply plaster to plaster boards, over skim a ceiling and complete patch and repair work within your individual purpose built plastering bays. This course is also available on Saturdays.

    For more information or to apply online please CLICK HERE.....

  2. After my grog and a few sippers followed by a DTS I found it took me considerably less than 5 days to get plastered.

  3. Having read your shite and dribble I assumed you were an alcoholic and pitied you.
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