5 day diver aptitude tests

Been scouting this site for the last few weeks. Must say its a great website and a fountain of knowledge.
Just wondering if anyone can enlighten me with what happens on the 5 day diver aptitude tests after your 9 weeks at raleigh. Is it an extended PEDA or is it to see how you cope in water and small spaces. Cheers Chris
See the thread here:

Ric_09 said:
Hi mate, having completed Aptitude week only a few weeks back, i'll give you an insight!
Started the week with 25, the lads I went through Raleigh with, lads who were on a holdover course, sideways entry lads and a couple of officers. They can only take 10 people, so as you guessed, 15 dropped out through the week. They dont have to take 10, if only 6 or 8 pass, they'll take 6. The best.
Its a tough week, although I loved every bit of it, its the first time you actually do what you've signed up to do. Expect awkward after awkward, circuits galore, buoy swims, minis, in outs, mud runs, lake swims. But unlike the PEDA, you get to dive. Also Weds and Thurs we were diving till around 11pm, very interesting if you've never night dived before.
Go in confident, take exactly what they give you, team work is essential, unless they state its an individual event ie circuits, stick as a team, one in all in.

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